25 Product Mockup Templates for Advertisements & Artwork

If you're launching a new product, mockups are an invaluable tool to bring your ideas to life.

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Posted 10 Jul 2017

Whether you’re in web development, marketing, or just trying to launch a successful online business, product mockups are an invaluable tool for bringing your designs and ideas to life.

Here are 25 ideas to showcase your product or brand with mockups:


1. Newspaper Advert

The newspaper advert mockup allows designers to visualize their work in its intended medium with these high quality, photo-realistic images.  View your designs at multiple angles and zoom scales in front of an editable background. The mockup spaces are adjustable to accommodate a variety of artwork sizes.

2. Urban Underground Light box/Billboard

Introducing an urban advertising campaign? Check out the underground light box collection for a realistic view of posters and billboards in a metro station setting. The colors are easy to change and the adjustable light and shadow add amazing detail to your vision.

3. Tri-Fold A5 Brochure

This tri-fold brochure offers a sleek, minimalist design for your next flyer project.

4. Advertising Displays

The advertising display mockups are a 7-in-1 tool for creating engaging, high quality advertisements. Included in the set are touch screen displays, tall ads, ATM, and roll up stand mock-ups, and combinations thereof.


5. T-Shirt and Packaging

The t-shirt & packages template provides everything you need to create branding mockups of t-shirts, hoodies, packages, and labels. Showcase your designs in any of the 10 premade scenes in print ready resolution, perfect for flyers and posters.

6. MacBook Skins

These high quality photos provide the perfect backdrop to showcase your MacBook skin designs. This set provides 10 different scenes and the ability to quickly and easily mock up content.

7. Paper Box

When visualizing your product’s packaging, this paper box template creates realistic representations from any design. The separate and editable shadow combined with the paper texture feature make it hard to believe this is just a mockup and not a photograph of a finished product.

8. Beer Bottle

Part of the fun of choosing a drink is checking out the label art. Use these classy beer bottle photos to focus in on your artwork to ensure your brew is the most eye-catching on the shelf.

9. Organic Juice Maker

Fresh-squeezed, organic fruit and vegetable juices are all the rage right now, which is why you should download the Organic Juice Maker scene generator. Drag and drop some of the 80-plus isolated images to create mockups for your juice shop’s advertising, menus, or website to become a part of this trend before it’s too late!

User Interfaces

two people looking at a iMac Mockup

If you’ve created a website or app, you want to show it in its best possible light. And what better way than displaying it on an iMac screen in this cool office scene featuring a woman showing something to her coworker. This mockup is incredibly easy to use, thanks to the Placeit mockup generator. You just upload your image, and after a couple of seconds you’ll see it added in a photorealistic way, ready for you to download. No Photoshop needed!

11. MacBook Laptop Display

These MacBook laptop displays are a great way for web developers to preview their apps in a professional, realistic situation. Focus remains on the computer screen while viewers can check out the apps at a variety of angles and light settings.

12. Android Phone App

Mobile app developers looking to feature their projects in an urban setting should check out this Android mockup. Featuring professional photos, this template centers on a Galaxy S7 Edge and allows users to control screen reflections as they easily switch out app designs via smart objects.

Cards & Invitations

13. Wedding Invitations

Rustic weddings are all the rage right now and this wedding invitation mockup is an on trend way to build up your business portfolio. Simply add your design to any of the 5 designs available via smart objects and editable layers functionality.

14. Holiday Greeting Card

It’s never too early to start marketing for holiday greeting cards and this mockup template is the perfect starting place. The cards are easy to edit  and the envelope color and background are completely changeable. This is an ideal template for e-stores!

15. Greeting Cards & Envelopes

This greeting card mockup features 3 different sizes of cards and envelopes: A7 horizontal, A7 vertical, and square. Fully customize the cards for your design and easily update the background and envelopes by changing the color or adding texture.

16. Greeting Card

Eye-catching and professional, this greeting card and invitations mockup template is ideal for marketing your card business.


17. Picture Art

These realistic studio images offer soft shadowing, subtly focusing attention on the photo frames. This is an optimal way to preview your artwork as it would hang on a wall.

18. Framework Scene Creator

The Framework Scene Creator lets you present your work in a professional and creative way with a variety of options and objects to make your mockup unique. With 5 frame sizes and 7 frame textures, quickly and easily create a set of mockups to promote your artwork.

Business Identity & Logos

19. 50 Signs

There’s no better way to make your sign mockup stand out from the crowd than by using one of these amazing templates. There are 50 different mockups to choose from, ranging in shape and size; from contemporary to vintage style, with varying surroundings to achieve the real feel.

20. Coffee & Doughnut Shop

If you’re looking for amazing quality images with a realistic depth of field to work on branding for a coffee or doughnut shop, then these easy-to-edit mockups are the perfect choice.

21. Coffee Shop

What if you don’t sell doughnuts? Solution: these live photography based mockups are ideal for playing with designs and layering to produce the perfect coffee cup. With one-click editing, setting your shop apart from the rest has never been easier!

22. Paper Logos

Vintage feel in a new design is what you’ll get with this logo mockup set. These high resolution images offer the unique, rustic feel necessary to set your design apart.

23. Branding/Identity Mockup

This branding and identity mockup is a sleek, professional starting point to visualize the way a new logo will look across all of your identity products. This suite includes business cards, name tags, stationary, pens, and t-shirts to name a few. Easily adjust the coloring and content to anything you want!

24. Craft Branding Mockup

Perhaps you are looking to achieve a classy retro look with your branding. This craft branding mockup shows your logo on typical business products like business cards and packaging tags, but you can also see how it would look as a wax seal! Change the colors, backgrounds, and even shadows to create a full suite of stylish stationary to set your brand apart.

25. Business Cards

Just because a business card mockup looks clean and professional does not mean it can’t defy gravity, and that’s what you’ll get with this high quality, photo-realistic template. This set feature four different texturing effects and four different layering styles for your text. Changeable colors and movable objects allow you to create the perfect mockup.

For more mockup templates, visit Envato Elements. Or for more great reads abd creative inspiration, head over to the Envato Blog to read up on the latest trendstipsinterviews and roundups