Top 10 Romantic Royalty Free Stock Music and Audio Tracks

Nothing says “I love you” better than music that tugs at the heart, and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we had a feeling you’d be looking for exactly that. So, this year we’ve decided to play Cupid, and match you with the perfect song to say those three magic words, with a little help from our community. Have a look and a listen to what’s below, and with any luck, you’ll leave our blog having found true love.

Weddings and inspiration

Wedding by AudioPizza

Recommended by BartoMusic

The main melody is catchy and repeats a fair bit, but it’s not fatiguing thanks to the arrangement of this piece. “The track is called ‘Wedding,’ but I think it definitely can be used in plenty of inspiring videos,” says BartoMusic. We agree.

Intimate simplicity

Gentle Piano by Cheer

Recommended by Cheer

‘Gentle Piano’ is an exercise in simplicity. But just because it’s simple, doesn’t mean it’s not quietly complex. It’s touching and creates a sense of intimacy that’s perfect for a romantic slideshow, or even a slow dance between you and your loved one. A beautiful track that’s surprisingly adaptable to your brand of romance.

In the Moment of Inspiration

In the Moment of Inspiration by PinkZebra

Recommended by Cheer

This next track is the perfect partner for something visually romantic or inspirational. It’s beautifully layered making it easy on the ears, and although it’s not overly emotional, it’s certainly not empty either. It’s pleasantly beautiful.

Exhilarating and emotional

Friendly Piano by Rejected

Recommended by CyberMusic

This next piece is complex in its arrangement, but in no way overwhelming. It spends the first part of the track building to an exhilarating emotional climax, but then at its height, it calms back down. “I always listen to this when I need some relaxation at work,” says CyberMusic. This is a wonderful companion to visuals that take you on a real journey.

Simply beautiful

You Are Beautiful by Kvancho

Recommended by Shvangiradze

‘You Are Beautiful’ is disarmingly pretty. Mostly piano based, but featuring a welcome undercurrent of strings later in the piece, this track is unabashedly romantic, and built from the ground up to be paired with either a Valentine’s Day commercial, or a direct profession of love. Fellow Envato creator Shvangiradze thinks it’s “the most wonderful and interesting track I’ve ever heard here on AudioJungle.” One thing we can all agree on is that it sure is beautiful.

Inspiring and romantic

Inspiring Piano Solo by ArtArea_Studio

‘Inspiring Piano Solo’ was actually made by ArtArea_Studio as a gift to his wife. A pitter-patter of angelic sounds, this track is both inspiring and romantic, a lovely addition to any project wanting to send an audience’s heartbeat a flutter.

Light and beautiful

Beautiful by AShamaluev

Recommended by Sokolovsky

‘Beautiful’ is a classic, cinematic and romantic track with beautiful piano and strings. Light and calm, it creates a soft atmosphere that will unearth pleasant memories of life and love. A good choice for Valentine’s Day slideshows and ads. It may even suffice for a proposal.

Inspiring and less cliché

To Be Inspired by ALEX_BESSS

Recommended by Splinterfeel

The emotional intensity of this one will creep up on you with its shrewd mix of piano and strings making it both inspiring, and incredibly romantic. It’s less cliché than most choices, so if you’re after something fresh, but incredibly effective for a wedding or anniversary, this is it.

Simple and brilliant

Emotional Piano by BobsMusic

Recommended by MalirecStudio

It’s almost impossible to listen to this and not get tears in your eyes. As MalirecStudio says, “Each note from the very beginning to the end touches my soul. Simple and brilliant.” ‘Emotional Piano’ is a perfect fit for underscoring a journey. It’s restrained, yet touching, and will gently guide any listener to an emotional reaction that will be both heart-felt and optimistic.

Unapologetically uplifting

Sentimental by Alex_MakeMusic

Recommended by Hypnodog

And finally, you just can’t go past the straightforwardly titled ‘Sentimental’. It delivers on exactly what its name promises, offering an unapologetically uplifting composition blending realistic sounding piano, strings, exhilarating drums and the tinkle of a glockenspiel on top. “Each instrument sits in the right place,” says Hypnodog, and right they are.

This is just a taste of the romantic stock music tracks our talented community has suggested. To find more of their curations, head to our forums.

Special thanks to Scott Wills who compiled this list.

Featured image: primastock


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