Top Ten Signs You’re a Designer


Someone, somewhere, has asked you to make their logo bigger.


You have at least one book about chairs.


You know what the K stands for in CMYK.


You wear black. When asked why, you reply “It’s called design school.”


You have a favourite letter (and let’s face it, it’s probably the ampersand).


When handed printed goods, you immediately run your fingers over them to check the paper stock.


You’ve sent at least one person to NoSpec.


You noticed the whitespace arrow in the FedEx logo, and it made you like them more.


You have a favourite shade of black.


You silently judge other people’s kerning … OK maybe it’s not that silent.

Got your own? Add them in the comments.

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ADC Annual Awards 2011 Poster(Image from the ADC Annual Awards 2011, see the full campaign)

Photo by Jeff Sheldon of the awesome Ugmonk (via unsplash)
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