Top Tips for Creating a Compelling Crowdfunding Video

The best advice from the crowdfunding experts at Pozible.

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So you’ve taken the first steps to creating a crowdfunding campaign. You’ve read the resources, planned out a budget, put your draft together and now it’s time to film your pitch video.

For those shy amongst us, making a pitch video can be a daunting task and those questions of self doubt start creeping in:

“Ah, me on camera? Cringe!”

“What if I fail? What if I look silly!?”

“What if my mum is the only person to support my project?”

Over the years these are some of stresses creators have come to us about, and hey it’s natural!

But making a pitch video doesn’t have to be a daunting process. Get up to speed with the video production process in our Video Marketing Guide to learn how to make a good video, and continue with this article to take a look at some tips and examples that will help you successfully connect with your audience through your pitch.

Tip 1: Don’t Hide, and Make it Personal.

Often we see creators try to hide behind their brand or product, but if there’s anything that has tied together the successful projects that span various categories from environmental to creative on Pozible, it’s a personal story.

This involves featuring yourself in the video and explaining your project and how it came about.

The first step is putting aside those self conscious feelings. Campaigns on Pozible with pitch videos have a higher success rate of 61% vs those without, which sit at 40%. The proof is in the pudding! People visiting your campaign understand the position you are in and are there because they want to listen to your idea not judge your on screen presence.

Show your personality. Fancy yourself a bit of a comedian? Make it engaging and fun.

Passionate about your cause? Present a story that will people can relate to.

Tip 2: Make it Clear.

Aside from personal story, you want the campaign to be clear – people should understand straight up what you are raising. The best way to do this is show, not just tell – cut your video with samples of what you are crowdfunding or footage of similar themes

We want to understand your motivations! We want to know how the idea came about! Why it is unique. Tell us a story and leave the practical details for the text in your campaign. The main aim is to grab people’s attention and inspire them to pledge.

Tip 3: Keep it under three minutes.

We’ve found that users will spend less than a minute and a half on a campaign page – and this includes the time it takes for them to select their reward, enter their payment details and go through with their pledge. Keep your video short and resist the urge to outline every detail! You want to capture the spirit of your campaign and get people to watch the whole thing, so they are prompted by the call to action at the end.

Tip 4: Don’t be put off by big budget polished looking videos. Be resourceful!

It’s amazing what you can do with your phone these days! As long as you have good lighting and audio, there’s no limit to the personal connection you can make through video.

While great looking videos will obviously do well, as mentioned in in Tip 1. it’s more important to connect with your audience. Don’t be intimidated by pitch videos shot by professionals, put in the planning and you can create something just as dramatic, funny or emotional.

Look at the range of online tools you can use, such as VideoHive, that offer a range of templates and stock videos that are easy to use and will give your video that professional edge.

Take a look at musician Laura Imbruglia’s pitch videos. She has run two Pozible campaigns, and used humour to connect with her audience. This video, as you can tell involved no budget, but she cleverly pieces together her many pitch video outtakes to create an engaging and hilarious video that makes you want to learn more!

In her second campaign video, she got her friends and fellow musicians to help out. Get campaign members and mates to help out and feature them in the video to give testimonials for your crowdfunding project.

5. Be Creative!

Think outside of the box, the more quirky or unique you video, the more likely it is to stand out. If you’re campaign topic isn’t quite so glamorous, think outside of the box as to how you will present it.

Take Goodments, an ethical investing app, for example – the team took the typically dry topic of investment, and turned it into something engaging. They open with an intriguing visual, follow with an anecdote talking about the problem, and then, offer the solution.

Likewise, this campaign was for a non-profit arts centre, raising funds to fix their old, dilapidated elevator – a video of someone simply explaining this project would, as you can imagine, put most people to sleep. Instead they got their whole team involved, used a bit of humour and created a compelling and entertaining video that got their community’s attention.

These are just a few tips to help you get brainstorming for your pitch video – good luck!

Once you’ve figured out your story, add some style to your video with these YouTube-ready video templates.

Lili Nishiyama

About the Author Lili Nishiyama

Lili is a campaign advisor at Pozible working with project creators to create crowdfunding campaigns.