Top Tips for Studio Affiliates: 7 free and easy ways to make more money

We’re thrilled to see our Affiliates earning money on a daily basis. How? By helping people who need design and development jobs done find their perfect freelancer on Studio. In fact, over 400 people have already joined the program.

It takes under a minute to register and you could quickly be earning extra commission through conversations you’re already having with your customers and contacts. When you refer a new customer to Envato Studio, you will earn 10% commission on their first completed purchase; it’s too easy of an opportunity to miss out on, learn more about the benefits, and sign up today.

Already a Studio affiliate? Be sure to make the most of your opportunity …

There are plenty of ways to share the word about Studio and increase your earning opportunity. We’ve hand picked seven of the most effective referral methods – so why not trial them today?

1 – Spruce up your social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn are worlds which many of us are in daily, so why not create earning opportunity during your social networking time. Zlaws, one of our Studio Providers and affiliates, has seen a simple post to his engaged Facebook network drive sales… That’s more earning potential than a status update about what’s for dinner!

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 6.01.12 pm

2 – Get busy with a blog

Inspiration takes many forms and your followers will be keen to hear your thoughts on what you think is worth checking out. Simple but super effective articles like our 10 beautiful logo designs can help drive traffic to specific services. Envato have seen affiliates earn thousands of dollars monthly through this easy way to share thoughts and inspiration.

3 – Have Focus in Forums

Forum’s are filled with people seeking advice on a range of topics; and therefore a brilliant place to provide help and refer people directly to what they are looking for. If you have an active forum voice, why not leverage your conversations and include your Studio affiliate link in any recomendations for those looking for design or development advice.

Multiple people often use one good forum answer, so a quick post can reach a wide audience you would have never met before. If you’ve never participated in a forum discussion before, then it’s never too late to begin.

4 – Don’t forget home sweet home

All good promotion starts at home, and home is also where most of your contacts will visit at some point. Updating your own website is a no brainer for promoting anything you feel is important. We’re always updating the creative available, so make sure you utilise what’s at your fingertips, or run your own ads or text links.

5 – Help others even when you can’t

We’ve seen success stories linking from support pages, especially if you get requests for services you don’t offer like customisation or installation of themes, or custom design projects outside of templates you sell. It’s also the easiest way to give your customers a full service response so they can see their job through to the finishing post. That’s exactly what Kriesi did with this simple piece of content earning it’s keep…

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 6.00.52 pm

6 – Keep in touch with emails

Most customers and peers expect regular updates on news and trends with your business and industry. It’s a great way to build a reputation as being an expert in your field, keep stakeholders engaged as well as getting your news to the front door of those who you want to read it. Why not include recommendations and suggested services in Studio. An engaged audience will increase your affiliate traffic and likelihood of conversion.

7 – Utilise your existing Market pages and real estate

If you’re an Envato Market author and have related services on Envato Studio, why not promote them – and get an Envato Studio sale and affiliate commission. Sure, it’s double-dipping, but we don’t mind. You could also promote complementary services to help your buyers, such WordPress Installation or customization.

VisualKicks are proudly promoting their Studio services on their ThemeForest page, ensuring they never miss out on customisation jobs; earning them money for the job and also the referral. Way to go VisualKicks!

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If you have any questions about the affiliate program check out the FAQs, or contact us at [email protected]