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Top 14 WordPress Mega Menu Plugins of 2017

A breakdown of the best mega menus available for WordPress.

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Posted 18 Sep 2017
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It’s hard to imagine what the internet would look like without menus. They make websites navigable and if they didn’t exist, we’d probably never find what we’re looking for.

Although you’d be hard-pressed to find a website in existence without some sort of a menu attached, the characteristics that make them functional and intuitive by 2017’s are dependant on finding the right one for your particular site.

Mega Menus allow you to organize and present your WordPress website’s content clearly and beautifully. The good and bad news about mega menus is that there are a lot to choose from.

So which is going to be best for your WordPress website?

Having done some quality research and considered user feedback, we’ve compiled this comprehensive breakdown of some of the best WordPress Mega Menus available for you in 2017.

1. WP Mega Menu by Themeum

WP Mega Menu is a free WordPress menu builder plugin with premium features! It helps you create wonderful and interactive menus for your website. It is a highly customizable drag and drop-menu builder plugin with plenty of useful features. WP Mega Menu builds 100% responsive menus to fit any size of devices and any type of browsers. Your options to make menus stylish, interactivel and functional are unlimited.

WP Mega Menu offers a wide range of features including widgets in menu items, multiple themes/skins options, export/import themes, menu labeling/badge, menu stretch, menu background images, unlimited colors, Google Fonts etc. You can have social icons, search bar, brand logo, menu animation, and much more on the menu.

Being released after a lot of research and development, it combines all of the useful functionality available in today’s mega menu plugins. No other plugin has as many useful features as WP Mega Menu.

Any developer can use WP Mega Menu integrated with their themes and redistribute them commercially as it is completely free and open source. You can use the plugin for as many themes as you want.

2. Max Mega Menu by Tom Hemsley

Max Mega Menu is an easy to use menu builder plugin for WordPress. It can automatically convert your existing menu or menus into a mega menu. You can then add any WordPress widget to your menu, restyle your menu using the theme editor and change the menu behavior using the built-in settings.

You can offer your site contents by adding images, icons, maps or any other WordPress widget to your navigation. Use with your existing theme and automatically replace your existing theme menu, or use a widget, shortcode or PHP function to display your menus.

Max Mega Menu is a complete menu management plugin, perfect for taking control of your existing menu and turning it into a user-friendly, accessible and touch-ready menu with just a few clicks.

Max Mega Menu comes as a free version with some basic features. And its paid versions offer more features in three different price options (Personal Licence at $23, Business Licence at $39, and Developer Licence at $99). You can not integrate any of their pro versions to your saleable themes, but you can use it for your site.

3. UberMenu by sevenspark

UberMenu is a familiar WordPress mega menu plugin offered at $20 for a regular license. The plugin lets you create awesome mega menus for your website. With its built-in full grid system and individual layout controls for each menu item, it’s easy to build gorgeous mega menu layouts. You can create beautiful navigation bars with columns, tabs, rows, icons, maps, forms, and more.

UberMenu has no issues with responsiveness on any type of device. It has a touch interface which unifies the user experience across mobile devices. You can easily add images and find styles that are truly yours.

UberMenu includes 50 icons which can be assigned to any menu item. You can grab the Icons extension to get over 500 icons, along with the ability to customize the position.

UberMenu has no free version. Developers who build themes for commercial purposes will not be able to use it for themes. The only pro version of this plugin comes at a price of $20 under a non-distributable single site license.

4. Hero Menu by heroplugins

Hero Menu is a drag and drop WordPress menu builder plugin. It lets you easily and intuitively create a slick and professional responsive WordPress menu. From the most complex “Mega Menu”, rich with features, down to the simplest of menus with simple dropdowns, Hero Menu will have any desired menu up and running within minutes.

Hero Menu’s structure builder makes life easy. Every aspect of building your navigation is in one place. It comes with standard 60 color presets as well.

Best of all, whether you are a long time WordPress guru or a complete newbie, you will be able to master this plugin in a short period of time

Hero Menu comes at a price of $19 with a regular license. Just like UberMenu, developers who build themes for commercial purpose will not be able to use it in theme packages. It is best for single site users.

5. Superfly by looks_awesome

Superfly is a premium responsive WordPress menu plugin that lets you generate space-efficient vertical push/sliding/static navigation, icon toolbar and full-screen menus of your choice. You can use it as a standalone navigation or complement to your main menu. With Superfly, navigation is much easier and user-friendly both on desktops and mobiles.

Slide in vertical menu is the latest trend different websites are adopting these days. This navigation style comes to WordPress with Superfly WordPress menu plugin. It’s perfectly suited for every modern site.

Superfly comes in two different licenses. The regular license is at $25 for only one client and you can also go for an extended license which comes at a price of $195. Please see the licensing details on this official page.

6. Slick Menu by XplodedThemes

Slick Menu is an advanced WordPress plugin for creating unlimited off-canvas multi push vertical menus. You can customize and style your menus directly within WordPress customizer with live preview.

Slick Menu comes with all cool menu features including unlimited levels, icon library, background images, background videos, animations, scroll to section etc. You can have a search box and social media icons with their links on the menu as well. There are some free and premium extensions for you to add more functionalities to your menu.

The plugin has two different pricing options. The regular license comes at a price of $25 for one client in a single end product. The extended license is at $89 which allows you to sell the product you make using this plugin. You can find more information about the licensing here. If you want to add more features, you have to pay extra amounts for each of the premium extensions.

7. WR Mega Menu by WooRockets

WR Mega Menu is a very powerful, responsive, and user-friendly WordPress menu plugin with a dedicated and intuitive menu builder. It gives you the complete control of designing and customizing your menu exactly the way you want.

WR Mega Menu has a lot of features. This will take away the hassles that usually come with WordPress default menu configuration panel. The plugin lets you create and save your menu settings into different profiles so that you can configure or apply them on other themes later.

WR Mega Menu has not been updated for last 10 months (as of this article publishing date). Only a single issue out of many raised ones has been resolved so far. By comparing to some other mega menu plugins in the WordPress directory, this one is worth going for.

8. Clever Mega Menu by Zootemplate

Clever Mega Menu is an easy to use mega menu plugin specially built for Visual Composer. It’s a user-friendly, customizable WordPress menu builder plugin for you to create nice-looking menus with Visual Composer page builder. Clever Mega Menu lets you add almost anything, such as raw HTML, shortcodes or widgets into navigation menus easily without any coding knowledge.

The plugin offers a wide range of features including selective menu icons, menu skins, menu layouts & submenu layouts, import/export menu themes, drag and drop mega menu builder, multiple CSS3 menu transition effects, display mega menus and flyout menus responsively, display widgets, shortcodes, adaptive menus with more than 100 menu theme options and so on.

Clever Mega Menu has both free and paid versions. It offers SEO readiness, vertical menus, advanced support, advanced menu widgets only in the paid version. The pro version comes at a price of $30 for the regular license and $150 for the extended license.

9. AP Mega Menu by AccessPress Themes

AP Mega Menu is a free WordPress plugin for building mega-sized menus on your site. You can add several column-wise widgets, configure them and create great looking horizontal and vertical navigation menus easily with this plugin. You can create brilliant mega menus without writing a single line of code.

AP Mega Menu supports flyout and allows you to create a menu easily with drag and drop facility. You can choose to match the template/layout for your theme from its various pre-designed skins/templates.

The plugin has no issues with responsiveness on any type of device. It works fine on all browsers and across the mobile OSes. You can easily add images and find styles that are truly yours.

AP Mega Menu is highly compatible and works with any well-coded WordPress theme. It is search engine optimized and secure.

10. Mega Main Menu by MegaMain

Mega Main Menu is a highly customizable WordPress mega menu plugin for you to have a functional mega menu on your WordPress site. The plugin lets you create awesome looking menu menus with a lot of functionalities.

There are 10+ combinations of dropdowns where you can place text, images, widgets and so on. The plugin supports 600+ Google Fonts and offers unlimited color options. You can have icons, a logo and a search bar in the menu.

Mega Main Menu offers 2 different licenses. The regular license is as low as $14 and the extended license comes at a price of $120.

A professional website will have organized as well as smart looking menus on it. A WordPress mega menu plugin helps you build such a mega menu. Without the right plugin, it is just a hassle for the developers. Choose your mega menu plugin wisely otherwise you will have to end up going for the next one. Good luck with wow looking highly functional mega menus on your websites.

Developed by SevenSpark, Menu Management Enhancer allows sub-menu items to be collapsed and expanded and offers a vertical scrollbar that can be used to jump to top-level items, quickly. These features help you move menu items more easily and speeds up the administration of WordPress menus.

The item aims to improve the menu management user experience to allow you to manage large numbers of menu items with ease, expand and collapse menu trees, quickly jump to any top-level menu item, enhanced drag and drop jump-to-item functionality, view menu item IDs, and create child and descendant menu item counts at a glance.

And it won’t affect anything your site visitors see as it’s all back-end, affecting only the Appearance > Menu screens.

12. WordPress Menufication by iveo

WordPress Menufication is a WordPress menu plugin that replaces your main menu with a CSS3 flyout menu when viewed on a mobile device. It comes in a light and dark style.

The menu can slide in from the left or right-hand side of the page and there is an option to add your logo to the menu header or add your logo inside the menu.

WordPress Menufication is user-friendly and can transform your WordPress 3 menu into a responsive fly-out menu inspired by Facebook.

NOO Menu is a plugin that allows you to customize your site’s menu items in a super interactive and intuitive admin interface.

It boasts of having all the options in one place, not changing your backend structure, or adding options to your WordPress default menu configuration panel. Instead, it allows you to switch between your usual view and the NOO Menu builder with one click. There you’ll find all the options for customization in the one place.

It’s also 100% responsive, features real-time previews when making changes, includes fonts, presets and is very flexible.

For something intuitive and versatile, it’s a great option.

WP Mega Menu Pro is a premium WordPress plugin that allows you to easily add widgets in single or multiple groups. It includes both horizontal and vertical mega menus, it has a built-in visual mega menu builder plugin with features to display the menu as flyout or mega menu type with orientation as vertical or horizontal.

It comes with 14 beautifully designed template/skins and you can customize. You can also create your own.

Every website is going to require something different. We hope this list has given you some insight into what you should be looking for in a mega menu, and helped you find the best option for you.