What Is Tropical House? Plus, 20 Great Stock Music Examples of It

It may’ve started out as a joke, but now it’s one of the hottest new genres in stock music.

Tropical House is a subgenre of deep house, which in itself is a subgenre of house music. It initially started out as a joke by Australian producer, Thomas Jack. But the sound quickly caught fire. Its breakthrough moment, according to GQ, was producer Felix Jaehn’s saxophone-infused remix of OMI’s “Cheerleader” reaching the top ten on iTunes in 18 countries, as well as the top ten on Spotify in 14 countries.

Unlike deep house, which can often sound very dark, Tropical House typically sounds more uplifting. It incorporates usual house characteristics like synthesizer instrumentation, and a 4/4 kick drum pattern, but adds tropical instruments like steel drums, marimba, guitar, saxophone, and sometimes even pan flute.

While some may think the genre “just sounds like Toto’s “Africa”, Tropical House’s mainstream popularity has extended to the stock music market. Its electronic sound makes it feel fresh, and the uplifting vibe it creates has made it a safe choice for projects that would usually use a Corporate track, but want their project to seem a bit more modern.

As a result, it’s quickly growing into one of the most popular new genres on the stock music market.

So, we felt it was the right time to compile a list of some of the best Tropical House stock music tracks around. And to help us do it, we asked the Envato Community to suggest the best Tropical House tracks available on AudioJungle, and tell us why.

Below is a curation of the tracks they suggested, plus what they had to say about them (the comments have been edited slightly for clarity).

And for the full thread of suggestions by our community members, head over to our forums.

Tropical House by LuxuryInc

A rich track giving you the feeling of the beach. It creates a very uplifting mood.

Tropical Summer by AudioPizza

A positive, sunny tropical track with modern vocals.

Uplifting Summer House by Top-Flow

Really great synth chords and bright piano in this track.

Tropical House by MantraRecords

A really original track. It features an interesting flute line, and overall is just beautiful.

Summer Tropical House by SelectedSounds

With its bright melody and soft sound, this track’s a perfect example of the tropical house style.

Beach House by edzzh

A well produced classy summer house track, featuring a horn section. Love it.

Tropical House by Indifferent_Guy

This track progresses very smoothly, slowly introducing layers into the arrangement. It’s got a cool melody, and the mood it creates makes you want to go to the beach.

Tropical House by Jovid_Sound

A well mixed, high quality track with a positive, summer feel.

Tropical Summer Pop by Alex_MakeMusic

This guy makes great tropical music. Nice drums, leads and chords! One of the best tropical tracks. Good sound and positive mood!

Tropical by LuxuryInc

A classical tropical house track with an elegant, light melody.

Summer Tropical Pop by LumenMedia

Great tropical house from one of my favorite authors on AudioJungle. It’s creates a really great atmosphere of summer, travel and beach parties!

Tropical House by TopTune

Positive and catchy vibe, this type of tropical house is what I like.

Tropical by Sokolovsky

Chilled, melodic, warm background summer music.

Uplifting Tropical House by ParallelRhymes

An interesting track. Positive sounding and great for dancing!

Tropical Summer by ModuleSound

Cool new track, like a light breeze.

Tropical House by LazaOaza

Beautiful track with great vocals!

Tropical by Indifferent_Guy

It’s fashionable and stylish.

Tropical House by EdRecords

This track creates a great tropical atmosphere. It brings happiness and the feeling of summer.

Tropical House by SunsetLover

An inspiring, uplifting, emotional and trendy sound that fits into both tropical and deep house.

Tropical by OlexandrIgnatov

I like the overall feel of it. It creates a happy and positive energetic mood through the whole song. It starts smooth and progresses as the song goes on. It features a great drop, a lot of cool catchy sounds, and it’s perfect for a whole range of projects.

Thanks to all the community members who helped curate this list, and to Adrien Gardiner from the AudioJungle team who helped curate the curations. And remember, for more suggestions on the best Tropical House stock music tracks, head over to the Envato Forums.


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