Turn Your Photos Into Animated GIFs With Photoshop Actions

Adding an element of animation can grab the attention of your readers and bring your images to life. But did you know that you can achieve that effect without video? With Photoshop Actions, you can easily transform an ordinary photo into something fresh and new.

We’ve seen this effect in the news and in popular culture; for example, watch how adding some movement to the image enhances the overall effect for TIME Magazine, which recently transformed their ‘Nothing to See Here‘ cover into a powerful animation to convey the chaos of the Trump administration.

And how the moving pictures in Harry Potter adds to the magic of the movie:

Image: Giphy

These captivating living photos are called cinemagraphs. Cinemagraphs are still photographs with small repeated movements that loop endlessly to create the illusion that you’re watching a video. See these examples, from Hongkiat:

(Image source: From Me To You)
(Image source: From Me To You)

Below are Photoshop actions you can use to add an element of animation to your images:

Weather effects

Add a weather effect to your photo to transport your audience. Add rain, fog or snow to create the perfect storm or winter scene.

GIF Animated Rain

GIF Animated Fog

GIF Animated Snow 

Add a little sparkle…

Infuse light into your work and liven up your images with the below lighting and motion effects.

Twinkle GIF Animation

GIF Animated Sparkler 

GIF Animated Circles

GIF Animated Award Effect

32 Animated Effects Action

Add more movement

GIF Animated Shatter Action

Animated Double Exposure 

GIF Animated Lines


Social Media Movies

Create animated works of art and share your videos on instagram with these powerful tools!

Animated Parallax Tool Kit 

The Animated Parallax Tool Kit offers animated text, weather effects and sharpening and blur effects to bring your image to life.

Animated Vintage Poster Action


Create vintage Instagram videos and animated GIFs with this Photoshop action.

Animated Watercolor Portrait Reveal 


This artistic effect allows you to create stunning videos with just a few clicks.

Animated Glitch Art 


Use Animated Glitch Art and Animated Retrowave 8 Bit Action to add trippy glitch effects to your work and blow your audience away.

Animated Retrowave 8 Bit Action 


Animated Broken Geometric Portrait


Animated Broken Geometric Portrait adds edgy effects to your work in minutes.

Animated Radial Loop


This Photoshop action uses technology to blend still images with looping movements to make video files that will make your head spin.

Animated Retrowave Portrait


Create gorgeous Instagram videos easily with Animated Retrowave Portrait.

Animated Retrowave Hashtag


Take your hashtag game to the next level with Animated Retrowave Hashtag action.

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