Use These 8 Stunning Lookbook Designs to Showcase Your Work

Highlight your artwork, designs, or brand in the best way.

Fashion and graphic design make a great aesthetic pair, and this combination is epitomized in the designer lookbook.

A lookbook is a photo showcase of a fashion designer’s latest collection created for marketing efforts and to attract buyers. Photographers, stylists, models, boutique owners, and fashion bloggers also use lookbooks to present their own work or to demonstrate a particular style or trend.

Lookbook projects are stylish, chic and sophisticated and provide a great opportunity for graphic designers to show off their design chops. Collected here are eight stunning lookbook designs from talented creatives at Envato Elements.

Lookbook by Boxkayu

The Lookbook from Boxkayu has a minimalist, cool and spacious look. The ample margins and unconventional overlapping text and image elements are on-trend and give the design an edge. The pastel and neutral photography adds softness to the mood of the design, but a different photographic style could easily be used with this template.

The lookbook has many creative layouts to choose from making it simple to customize for your own projects. The design comes in A4 and letter-size and all fonts in use are free.

Naturalis Lookbook

The Naturalis Lookbook by 46×2 has a nice blend of page layout styles including classic, minimal, grid-based, editorial, and also unconventional. You can tell the designers paid special attention to providing many ways to present images, so this is a particularly good lookbook design for photographers and visualists, in general. The design also has a lovely three column text layout and image-focused table of contents page with nice text overlays. The font pairing in this design is really well done too, giving the design a rustic yet modern look.

Summer Collection Lookbook

The Summer Collection Lookbook by Hencework is bold and modern and has all the page layouts one needs to create a professional quality lookbook. The design has clean and organized layouts with distinct visual hierarchy between typestyles. Details like product color options make it a good ready-made choice for designers.

Botanica Photobook

The Botanica Photobook makes image the focal point and is a good choice for photographers, style and fashion bloggers, or graphic designers. The photobook provides multiple layouts for image collections. Classic and elegant serifed typography is applied to spacious page designs. Botanica also includes a number of additional templates that are useful like an invoice, cover letter, and business card option.

Lookbook #2 by Boxkayu

Another great lookbook design by Boxkayu, this template has a very modern yet simple design with large format images that span the page. The design appears quite easy to modify and the content is very clear and legible. As with their other lookbook, this design has many page layouts including a notes and special thanks option.

Portfolio Lookbook

The Portfolio Lookbook by Egotype has a contemporary, open and professional look and is adaptable for use as either a lookbook or portfolio. The wide-set letter spacing on tag lines and boldly bordered content boxes gives the design a modern edge. The template comes in A4 and US letter-sized and uses only free fonts.

Fashion Lookbook

The Fashion Lookbook from Leone Danieli has a fresh and pop visual aesthetic with colorful layouts. Elegant italicized serifs are used with round geometric type creating an interesting and effective visual contrast between font styles. The template includes portrait and landscape layouts and sixteen unique designs.

Lookbook/Product Catalog

The Lookbook/Product Catalog by Digital_infusion has a luxury feel and stands out for its square format design and heavy modern typestyles. The design has an editorial focus with lots of room for descriptive text for products or trend analysis. Fashion designers, bloggers, jewelers or perfumiers could use this design.


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