Useful Studio Services for Envato Market Authors

Preview images for your latest item release, a logo for your emerging brand, expert copywriting and edits by professional writers, the list goes on. Envato Studio has a huge range of services aimed at helping Market authors sell more.

We’ve been delighted that so many Studio providers have taken the opportunity to provide services targeted directly towards Envato Market authors – it’s a natural fit.

In this post, I’ve outlined a range of services that I’m certain will help you sell more items on Envato Market. Whether you’re a talented developer, incredible designer or creative videographer – there’s likely something you could be doing to improve your item listings, presentation and promotion on Market.

Embrace your lack of expertise in certain areas and let a Studio pro handle the work for you!

Popular Services for Envato Market Authors

Item Descriptions

If you’re looking for professional descriptions (or edits) of your market items, you could get a professional Studio writer to craft high-converting copy that will help sell your item and promote your brand at the point of sale.

These professional marketing writers will do it all for you:

Item Preview & Thumbnail Images

Beautiful, eye-catching images and advertisements are essential to making sales. Yet, not everybody has the expertise to design an effective item previewfor their items. You should let Studio’s professional designers create the perfect images for your items.

These creative designers will help you out:

Custom Logo & Social Media Design

Here’s your chance to give your old logo a new lease of life! You could even ask for a redesign of your Facebook or Twitter pages as well. Studio has a multitude of professional designers that will create the perfect custom logo for your business. You know, something you would be really proud to show-off!

These branding experts will help you out:

Item Documentation

We all know how tedious it is to have to write the documentation for a theme or template just to ensure your customers know how to use your product effectively. You could save yourself a lot of time and frustration by ordering from one of Studio’s expert item documentation writers.

One of these technical writers will help you out:

Explainer Video for Your Items

When you consider that 70% of web users would rather watch a video to reading copy, investing in an explainer video that clearly show what your item is and does, makes sense, doesn’t it? They really are a great way of converting your potential customers.

These professional videographers will help you out:

Press Releases for your Items

Some Market items have grossed millions of dollars. That’s more than many startups make! Why not announce your new item release with a press release?

These guys will help you out:

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About the Author Jordan McNamara

Jordan is the communications manager for Envato Studio.