Small Business Video Content Ideas

Here are four simple ideas to help you get started using video to promote your small business online.

Creating video for content marketing purposes isn’t reserved for large, corporate companies with huge budgets. Creating professional videos for consumers has never been as easier or as affordable as it is now.

To get you started, here are four key, affordable areas that small businesses could consider implementing into their marketing strategy. Video production costs are detailed in our Video Marketing Guide, including money saving tips from the experts.

The video you create does not have to go ‘viral’ to be successful (in fact, let go of that idea right away). Good marketing is about effective communication and positive interaction with your customers. With video, you get just that.

Announcements & Updates

People will far more likely take a minute to watch a video than to read an in-depth article about the same topic. Everybody leads busy lives and we’re all looking for a simple way to get the information we need as quickly as possible.

The next time you sit down to write a company update, a post about the release of a new product or even before you share on social media the upcoming sale you have on slippers, why not create a short informational video that makes the information you want to share memorable and easier to digest?

Coffee and the Morning Paper by willmilne on Envato Market
Coffee and the Morning Paper by willmilne on Envato Market

You can embed those informational videos into your blog posts and share them on social media. Videos are simply a personal method of communication that will make your customers or clients feel like they have gotten to know you a little bit more, with the added benefit of promoting your business.

Brand-Building How-To Videos

When people search for content they’re looking for a solution to a common problem. Something that will help make their lives that little bit easier and possibly save them a little cash. This ‘how-to’ video niche is where all small businesses should consider creating video content.

If you’re an experienced plumber that’s about to install the latest and greatest boiler, why not film yourself optimizing the power-saving settings.

Showing viewers how to make their boiler more economical is what they will be interested in. ‘How-to’ videos are always appreciated, and people will remember who helped them out when they, or someone they know, needs that service in future.

Plumber at Work by copperpipe on Envato Market
Plumber at Work by copperpipe on Envato Market

This type of video content will work for any small business. If you’re a restaurant owner, share napkin folding techniques. If you’re an accountant, explain the latest tax changes. Do you have a car cleaning business? Talk about car maintenance.

The possibilities are endless and your business will become known as the expert source for that subject.

‘Behind the Scenes’ Videos

Ever wished your clients or customers better understood what’s involved in your work? Why not take people behind the scenes and introduce them to what you do?

If you have a team, introduce them. Let the stories behind the business surface. Share something unusual or unexpected about what you do and how you do it. Just remember to keep it brief and keep it light – a little curiosity is great for sparking conversation, but a feature length documentary is probably overkill.

Creative Business People by jacoblund on Envato Market
Creative Business People by jacoblund on Envato Market

Every type of business is a mystery if you don’t know or understand anything about it. So ‘behind the scenes’ video content could potentially open up a wider range of clients for you, and make conversations with those clients easier.

Getting Personal with Your Videos

Great customer service is about making your clients feel as though they’re not just another number. It’s about being personal, helpful and appreciative of their business.

One often overlooked area of customer care is getting in touch with customers that haven’t used your services in a long time.

Sending out small email reminders to tell them that you’re thinking of them can be a great way to entice them back. Maybe even send a birthday greeting. Who wouldn’t appreciate a personal touch like that?

With Christmas coming up, now might be a great time to send out a seasonal greeting to all your customers. Better yet, a video greeting.

You could thank them for their business, tell them about the great year you have just had, share behind-the-scenes pics and remind them to keep an eye out for some of the great offers you will be sharing next year. You could even throw in a discount code for good measure.

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