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Video: How to Create Experiences People Love

In February of 2016, Envato partnered with creative technology event Pausefest to help bring peoples ideas to life.

The event also featured our HR Director James Law, who gave a keynote about creating experiences people love in your organisation.

At Envato we work hard to connect our purpose with what drives our people, and to ensure our ways of working are empowering. We’ve learned a lot along the way, and James talks through those lessons and the checklist we’ve come up with in his address (below).

Read more from James about how to change your organisation from stale to buzzing.


This article was originally published on Inside Envato in March 2016. 

Venessa Paech

About the Author Venessa Paech

Venessa is a communities and cultures expert. She is a long time creative who is passionate about bringing great ideas and stories to life.