Watercolor Illustrations: Succulents, Stars, Feathers, Flowers, and More

There is something timeless and entrancing about watercolor illustrations.

Whether the colors are rich jewel tones or faded pastels, the visible brush marks and unique blends make any subject come to life. Many of these options are hand-painted, and it shows—with incredible attention to detail and rich texture. Whatever your project might be, these unique watercolors will help make it shine.

1. .Watercolor succulents set

There are many wonderful details in these illustrations of succulents, with shades of green and blue that are as intricate as they are lifelike.

 2. Watercolor wreaths

Try one of these ten beautiful hand-drawn watercolor floral wreaths and bouquets. All of the leaves and flowers are also available as single images so you can create your own design.

3. Abstract watercolor background

This abstract blue and green background provides a dreamy palette for you to work on.

4. Watercolor enthusiast

This collection has everything. Flowers, leaves, jewels and more, all of these beautifully-rendered images are available as a single image or in a number of different combinations and patterns.

5. Baurbon and graphics pack

This great graphics pack is centered around a unique hand-drawn brush font called Baurbon, and includes forty unique watercolor graphics that compliment it wonderfully.

6. Watercolor poppies

All the poppies you could ever need! This pack contains sixteen images including flowers, twigs, and water splashes.

7. Watercolor sketch lily 

The sketch style of these beautiful lilies adds a beautifully understated touch to any project. Includes 32 graphics, including lily flowers, twigs and leaves.

8. Watercolor animals & flowers

This collection moves beyond the botanical, featuring gorgeous animals, ribbons, and skulls alongside the flowers. Includes mouflon, deer head, reindeer, black deer, mouflon skull, deer skull, amulets “Dreamcatcher”, 3 ribbons, floral ornaments (bouquets), watercolor stains, branches, arrow, horn.

9. Feathers

Watercolor provides the perfect treatment for these gorgeous feathers, which come in a wide variety of interesting color combinations and patterns. Includes ten high-resolution files.

10. Watercolor backgrounds

Choose one of these ten dramatic watercolor backgrounds, featuring great high-contrast colors.

11. Photoshop action

If you’re interested in the style of watercolor, but want to use your own image, try this photoshop action, which will turn any of your photos into a stunning watercolor.

12. Watercolor leaves

This beautiful collection of leaves has something in nearly every color and style, from understated ferns to vibrant evergreens. Includes 32 individual images.

13. Geometric shapes

A variety of great watercolor shapes that can be used as backgrounds or stand-alone images, bringing interesting color and texture to any project.

14. Watercolor space backgrounds 

For something truly spectacular, try one of these beautiful backgrounds, bringing watercolor to the starry sky. Includes 10 different out-of-this-world options.

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