Wavelengths, Rebrands, & Publications: This Week In Design

New publications from design teams this week

From Facebook: Facebook’s design team is giving back to the design community. In a Medium post, they wrote about the importance of sharing resources and knowledge in order to “help designers create great things better and faster”; and so, was created. It’s a collection of articles, case studies, resources, and other interesting design insights from the Facebook world.

From Etsy: Jumping on the Medium publication bandwagon this week is the Etsy design team. Standout reads so far: thoughts on designing for growth, and a story from a design intern.

From Asana: task-manager Asana shook things up with a redesign a few months ago, and now they’re launching a brand-new publication called Wavelength. It’s all about teams and productivity and it’s worth a read, if even just to check out the illustrations for all the articles. Side note: is every new publication these days required to have their own custom illustrations? If you need one, check out this list of 20 incredible illustrators, or browse the illustration section of Envato Studio.

From Affinity: a workbook about design from the Affinity Designer team.

On reading and writing

Yes, millennials actually read sometimes

Will media = video in a few years? Maybe, maybe not. But according to new study by the Pew Research Center, some of those elusive ~millennials~ actually prefer to read the news instead of watch it, which is a surprise to everyone except for actual millennials.

Writing advice

“Abandon the idea that you are ever going to finish.” The best productivity habits from famous writers.

What we published recently

Sites We Love: 99u

An ode to the beautiful design of 99u, a publication about design from Adobe. We broke down the design elements of the site, why it works, and how you can mirror that style in your web design.

Why I’ll always take time to talk to women studying tech

This might be one of my favorite articles we’ve published on the Envato blog so far – a personal story about being the only woman in a tech class full of men.

The rise of subtle animation in WordPress themes

Add some moving parts to your website, without going too wild on the animation.

12 Coping Strategies for the Inevitable Freelance Drought

Build your portfolio and start some side projects, but also, maybe take a vacation.

Should you add free digital downloads to your site?

Reasons why it’s worth thinking about what you can offer your readers – in the form of free PDFs, ebooks, and more.

Branding + design highlights

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