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The web design industry is constantly adapting to new technologies, programs, and frameworks for developers. Unfortunately there’s no single resource that curates all of this in one place.

But there are plenty of news websites covering changes in the field of web design and development. Some update more than others but they’re all fantastic.

In this guide I’ll share the 10 best sites you can browse to keep up-to-date with news on web design, frontend development, and everything web-related.

1. Web Designer News

One of the best sites for industry news is Web Designer News. It’s a social voting platform much like the original, except WDN only focuses on design/dev content.

It’s free to sign up and you can even vote on stories anonymously without an account. This is one of the most frequently updated sites with dozens of stories published daily.

Designers who just want the latest headlines should definitely check out Web Designer News. It’s updated frequently enough that you can check every single day and it’s the best site for high-quality curated design/dev content.

2. Sidebar

Another daily curation site is maintained by the renowned designer/developer Sacha Greif. Originally Sidebar was just a mini project for sharing awesome posts.

Over time it gained a huge audience and now it’s a popular destination for designers & developers to check the coolest articles from around the web. Sacha personally curates 5 new articles every day and publishes them on the site.

You can sign up for an account and submit stories to be included. But everything is curated by hand so you can’t guarantee any article being published. Only the most interesting posts rise to the top which makes Sidebar a trusted resource for news.

3. Designer News

Designer News is the fastest growing design community on the web. It’s the best Digg-style social news site that caters to designers of all specialties.

The community does have moderators that curate spam and maintain civil order. But you can sign up for a free account to submit content anytime.

And while this site is a great place to gather news it also feels like a community. Users can submit text-based questions to poll the community, gather feedback on their work, or just start a lively discussion.

Designer News is one of the best sites for designers and creatives from all backgrounds.

4. Reddit

Reddit has dozens of great communities called subreddits each with a different topic. But most design subs focus on critiques & examples, not much news.

However /r/WebDev is a huge community with new content every day. It’s perfect for staying up-to-date with the latest news in frontend+backend development. There’s also the smaller /r/Frontend community if you care more about JS/CSS news.

Reddit’s userbase skews towards general technology over web design & development. But if you search around the site you can find plenty of design & dev subreddits.

5. Front-end Front

All web developers know that technology moves fast. Front-end Front is a social community made to keep track of all these movements in the dev space.

It’s a very small social news site again modeled after Digg’s voting system. You can sign up for a free account to vote on stories & submit your own. But only the top voted stories rise to the front page.

Since the community is so small the front page doesn’t change all that much. But it does move fast enough to check in a few times a week to gather the latest scuttlebutt on frontend dev news.

6. JavaScript Kicks

If you’re more of a JavaScript lover then JS Kicks is yet another social news community made for developers. You can sign up for a free account connected with your Twitter or Google account.

From there you can submit stories directly and vote on others. The homepage is one long stream of content organized by daily submissions and vote counts.

The community is pretty small but growing rapidly and it’s one of the few JS-only sites.

7. Echo JS

Echo JS is another cool JavaScript oriented social news site . Signup is free and you can vote on existing stories or submit your own.

Content varies from news posts to detailed tutorials and case studies. Echo JS feels like a fan club of JavaScript enthusiasts gathering to share ideas and resources for other JS lovers.

This site is great for dev news and it’s very easy to use. But most of the news pertains only to JavaScript so it’s really a community made for developers.

8. Twitter Accounts

The fastest moving social network has to be Twitter. With over 6k tweets per second this is by far the quickest way to keep up with news of any kind.

Unfortunately there is no single “best” Twitter account sharing web design/dev news. But there are a few I recommend that frequently update with new tools, frameworks, and design/dev news.

You can also browse through hashtags like #webdesign and #webdevelopment. Very few of these tweets contain breaking news just because of the total volume. But if there’s any site to find the latest breaking news it’s gotta be Twitter.

And be willing to search for other design/dev Twitter accounts that share news frequently. I’m sure there are plenty just waiting to be found.

9. AllTop

Alltop is a huge site with many different sub-domains curating news, tools, resources, tutorials, and articles from a variety of topics. They have a web design area designated to all the best web design blogs & news sources.

You probably won’t care about all the sites on this page. But it is a one-stop shop for the latest posts from a huge list of popular design blogs.

Unfortunately they do not have a dev-specific Alltop list(from what I can tell). But they do have other related lists like general design sites and UI design.

10. Panda Reader

I’m a huge fan of the Panda News Reader for all its features and the beautiful interface. This online web reader is completely free and lets you browse the latest posts from many different websites(a few were mentioned in this post).

But you’ll also get news from other popular tech/design sites like Mashable, TechCrunch, and The Next Web. Panda Reader works like a huge customized RSS feed where you can pick & choose which sites you want to browse through.

And you can even add your own sites like the W3C news blog pulled straight from RSS.

The Panda News reader is by far the best site for gathering all your design/dev news into one place. It’s free, easy to use, and constantly updated with new features.

And That’s A Wrap!

These are the ten sites I most recommend for finding the latest design/dev news. But even with these sites at your disposal it can still be tough keeping up with the latest news. You have to be diligent and on the search for stories as they break.

But with such a supportive web community and these amazing websites it’s far easier nowadays to stay on top of the latest stories.

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