Take the Stress out of Organizing a Wedding With Weddingpress for WordPress

Now that spring is here, the hopeless romantic part of my personality has come out of hibernation.

It was a long, frigid winter here in my neck of the woods. Now that spring is here, the hopeless romantic part of my personality has come out of hibernation. And why not? Love is always in the air this time of year, as many couples plan for a spring or summer wedding.

I absolutely love weddings. There is such joy around the occasion (and the free cake isn’t so bad, either). But planning a wedding, worrying about keeping a tally of RSVPs, meal options and the like aren’t for the faint-hearted.

That’s where the Weddingpress plugin comes in. It’s billed as "everything you need" to organize your wedding using a WordPress powered website. Will it take some of the stress out of one of the most stressful times of your life? Well, let’s have a look.


What Weddingpress Will Do For You

Weddingpress aims to make your wedding’s website a one-stop shop for guests. Any website can supply guests with all of the pertinent information about your big day, of course. But this plugin will also make life easier by:

Allow Guests to RSVP.
You can create your guest list, choosing which events (rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, etc.) that each guest group (think families or couples) are invited to.


There is space to create multiple members within each group and even a checkbox to mark off the number of adults that will be present. Then, RSVP requests can be sent via email. Guests will then be able to RSVP using a link to your website and a special code found in the email invitation.

Choose from Meal Menu Options.
Within the plugin’s RSVP settings panel, you can list up to three food and three drink options. During the RSVP process, each guest can select the meal combination of their choice.

Donate Towards Your Gift List.
One of the truly great features of Weddingpress is the Gift List. You can create any number of gifts to add to your list and guests will be able to donate towards them via PayPal.

While this doesn’t necessarily replace the old-fashioned bridal registry, it’s a great way to fund more expensive requests such as a honeymoon or even a down payment on a house.


You can set the cost of your gift to any amount. Weddingpress will keep track of how much you’ve raised toward it.


This is a nice touch for both the happy couple and those giving the gifts. Friends and family will especially enjoy watching you inch ever closer to your dream honeymoon.

Share the News
Weddingpress integrates with MailChimp (for adding subscribers to your mailing list) and allows for social network sharing and even creates a QR code guests can scan to be directed to your website.


Site Integration

Thankfully, there are easy-to-use shortcodes for displaying both the RSVP interface [weddingpress_rsvp] and Gift List [weddingpress_wedding_list].

Apart from finding spots for both of those items on your site, everything else in Weddingpress is handled neatly through the WordPress admin area.

There are a good number of items to configure, so definitely check the plugin’s support documentation to get a head start.

True Love

I found Weddingpress to be quite fun and easy to setup. Frankly, I wish it had been around back when my wife and I were planning our wedding. The ability to track RSVPs all in one place is, by itself, worth the price.

Of course, this plugin isn’t meant to necessarily replace the traditional wedding invitations and the like. But it will take a wee bit of stress out of staying organized. That’s something to make every happy couple a little happier.

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