What Is Elementor? Plus, Plugins That Will Take It to the Next Level

Elementor is a plugin that’s great for people who want to build a website in a way that’s more visual than technical. Here’s how it works, and here are the plugins that will make it soar.

Elementor is a page builder plugin that’s a great option for people who aren’t that technical when it comes to putting together a website.

If you’re someone who is capable of searching for and choosing a theme to download on ThemeForest, but is more visual than technical when it comes to putting it together, this will be a great option for you.

Its drag-and-drop nature makes it easy to arrange pages exactly how you want them, without the need to use code, HTML, CSS or shortcode.

And, as you make changes, you get to see how they will render, live on your screen.

How it works

Firstly, what makes Elementor special is its versatility and easy UI.

Whether you want to stick to the conventions of your web theme or completely depart from them, you’ll find that Elementor makes it effortless to do both.

When starting a new page or post, you have the ability to stick with your default theme, or start with a blank canvas.

As you begin editing with Elementor, you’ll come to find everything you need is contained in the sidebar to the left of your screen, with a live preview of how those changes will render on the right.

The sidebar is populated by Widgets which you then drag into the preview side of the screen to create Sections, which is what each row of content populating your screen is referred to as.  

Each Section can be arranged into columns, and the widgets your drag in fill them up with your preferred type of content, be it text, photos, videos or more.

To fill your placeholder widget with your actual content, you will turn to the Content tab in the sidebar. The intuitive UI makes it obvious as to where to add your text, photos or videos.

To control the look and feel of the Section or Widget, you’ll switch to the Style tab in the sidebar. This gives you options for Text, Typography, Spacing and more.

And then, finally, to control the rest of the section’s look and feel, you’ll switch to the Advanced tab in the sidebar. This gives you options for Margin spacing, Padding, Animation, Background, Border, and more.

By simply dragging and dropping from the Widgets section, adding your content in the Content section, and customizing the look and feel in the Style and Advanced sections, you’ll be creating impressive posts and pages on your website in no time.

Best Features

Here’s a quick look at some of the best features of Elementor.

Elementor Canvas

If you want to create a page or post completely from scratch, breaking from your current web theme, Elementor Canvas allows you to do this. It can even remove the default header and footer if you want to give the page or post its own identity, head to toe. And, it works with any theme.

Full-width pages

Say you’re wanting to build a special landing page, or feature blog post, and you want it to have a look and feel of its own, with no distractions, this is the way to do it. Full-width pages are pages that, as you may guess, take up the full width of a user’s window. Usually most page builders can do this, but will require you to use the vendor’s theme. Not so with Elementor. You can control the entire look and feel, not matter what theme you’re using.

Revision History

This files each revision you make whenever you press the ‘Save’ button. But, it keeps all your old revisions without overwriting them, meaning you can revert to an earlier one at any time. It’s a full history backup.

Flip Box

The Flip Box widget allows you to add boxes with, say, pricing information, or steps of a process that animate (or flip) when a user hovers over them. It’s a great way to make your site feel more interactive, and engage the user.

Gradient Effect

This feature makes it easy to add gradient backgrounds to sections of your page or post.

Shape Divider

This allows you to break from traditional box restrictions and section off parts of your post or page in a creative way.

Share Buttons

A really easy way to add social share buttons to your post or page, and fully control the look, feel and function of them.

Media Carousel

Showcase your images and videos easily with the Media Carousel, which showcases Elementor’s emphasis of visual content.

Nav Menu

An easy way to create professional looking menus quickly.

Testimonial Carousel

Display reviews from customers in a visually compelling way with a pre-build, but totally customizable Testimonial Carousel.


Elementor now integrates with a bunch of popular email and CRM services, making it easy to get more conversions from your campaigns.

Form Widget

Create forms that users can fill out right on your page without needing to leave it.

WooCommerce Widget

Showcase products from your WooCommerce store in a variety of way using this widget and its advanced filters.

Plugins that take Elementor to the Next Level

JetBlog is a powerful plugin that provides a way to present your content widgets in the form of eye-catching, and easily customizable text tickers, smart tiles and smart lists.

  • Smart List: Present your top posts with a feature story up top, and a list of other articles neatly organized below. Iti provides a tidy and stylish design with a clear hierarchy and intuitive way of capturing the eye.
  • Smart Tiles: A very popular way of displaying posts on a homepage, Smart Tiles allows you to let each post’s featured image fill the placeholders with the post’s title overlayed. You get to customize the arrangement of the tiles.
  • Smart Video: A sensation feature that will take the Media Carousel widget to another level. Create and display playlists of your YouTube or Vimeo videos and allow it to live on your post or page with this feature. It’s sure to stop people leaving your site to watch videos, and increase time spent on site, as well as engagement.
  • Smart Ticker: Have your top or trending posts tick across the top of your screen with the Smart Ticker.

This pack is brand new and already making an impression. It looks good, and is fully responsive. Plus, it features 24/7 technical support.

JetElements provides a bunch of enhancements and additional features you don’t get from the free version of Elementor.

With this pack, you’ll gain the ability to include WooCommerce integration modules, Pricing Tables, Animated Boxes and Countdown Timers.

  • Advanced Carousel Module: This allows you to set a customer number of slides, add vivid animations, and handsome backgrounds.
  • Pricing Table: A visual way to showcase prices and services, along with the pricing tiers they fit into.
  • Subscribe Form: Allow people to subscribe to your MailChimp list with this easy to use module that you can fully control the look, feel and function of.
  • Countdown Timer: Embed an eye-catching timer for that next sale you have with this easily customizable module. Control the colors, gradients, backgrounds, and, of course, the time.
  • Image Comparison: Show before and after comparisons in a visually compelling way with this module.

There’s so much more in this pack. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s an easy way to create Mega Menus using Elementor with this plugin, again by ZEMEZ.

Compatible with all the most popular WordPress themes, it’s a simple and intuitive way drag and drop the elements you want together to make up a mega menu to sit on your website. And you won’t need any coding skills at all.

  • Highly Customizable: You’ll have full control of the style of this mega-menu, including the colors, drop shadows, borders, icons and more. But, you can also rest assured that if you’re not super hands on, the default setting are also good looking too.
  • All Types of Content: Your mega-menu can be made up of a large range of content types. Whether you want to feature text, imagery, posts or multimedia, you can do it with this plugin.
  • Fully Responsive: The menu you create will automatically be fully responsive, so it’ll be fit for all types of screens big and small.
  • Import/Export Options: If you need to reset to the default settings, that’s always easy to do. If you want to import settings, or a saved Mega Menu, you can. If you want to export this menu to other sites using Elementor, or share it, you can.
  • Fully Compatible with Top ThemeForest Themes: Whether you’re using Avada, BeTheme or Enfold themes, this plugin is fully compatible, and able to empower you to get the most out of them.

Mega-Menus are pretty much standard for big sites and publications, so this is a plugin to consider if you’re housing a lot of content on the one domain.

Want the ability to create a footer in a totally different way? Smart Footer System gives you the ability to create a customizable footer using its 9 different modes. Compatible with a broad range of page builders including Elementor.

  • Single page footer: You can create a unique footer, specifically for a single page.
  • Custom Page type: There are footer options for each page on your site like the homepage, single page, blog page and more.
  • Video Background Feature: Using YouTube, Vimeo or self hosted video, you can include video in the background of your footer.

Customize: You get full control of content padding, border properties, background style and the ability to hide your footer on certain devices.

This highly rated addons pack gives you more options to customize the most the most fundamental building blocks of Elementor.

  • Content Elements: Add team members, data tables and flip boxes to sections.
  • Dynamic Content Elements: Create post timelines, add your Instagram feed, Woo Product Grid, or a dynamic gallery.
  • Creative Elements: Include fancy text, a flip carousel, interactive cards or a content timeline.
  • Marketing Elements: Easily include calls to action, and pricing tables.
  • Form Styler Elements: And add in contact forms, web forms and more.

The Boosted Elements plugin adds additional page builder elements to Elementor. With must-have elements like sliders, maps, pricing tables, popups & more, adding this to this versatile page builder will only give you more flexibility.

  • Drag & Drop Page Builder: No need for shortcodes. Easily edit and manage your pages with a frontend page builder.
  • Premium Slider: Enhance the built-in slider element with this feature that will allow you to build premium slideshows.
  • Pre-built Templates: Use these already created templates to get your site up and running, quickly.

Search Engine Optimized: This plugin is optimized for SEO and works with all of the top SEO plugins.

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