What Microsoft, McDonald’s and More Brands Used From Envato

Each week, we go on the hunt for Envato items that have been used by famous brands, and put them together in a video series called the Famous Five. Here’s this week’s episode, featuring items used by Microsoft, Chris Brown and McDonald’s among others.

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Item used: ‘Believe In Your Dreams’ by Adigold

Microsoft has used an Envato item in a new ad explaining how they’re helping the PGA tour use data to change the future of golf.

It’s extremely well shot, and features PGA TOUR pro, Bryson DeChambeau explaining how, thanks to the cloud, he can put his knowledge to good use, turning historical data collected by him and other golfers, into insights that can help him figure out whether he should be using a 3 iron or a driver.

It’s effective and well-produced, and, uses Adigold’s ‘Believe In Your Dreams’. A track we most recently saw in the Famous 5 late last year, in a video where former president, Barack Obama was trying to convince voters from Vermont to elect gubernatorial candidate, Sue Minter.

Chris Brown

Item used: ’80’s Style Text Mockups V1′ by designercow

This next find comes courtesy of Adam D on the Designer News forums, pointing out one of Chris Brown’s latest single covers looks an awful lot like designercow’s ‘80’s Style Text Mockups V1.’

In fact, after some in-depth research from us, we can safely confirm, it is!

Reflecting the 80s’ excessive fascination with the future and space, the bright, futuristic style, which came back into vogue in the early 2010s, is incredibly on point. But don’t take my word for it, take Chris Brown’s.


Item used: ‘Fun’ by PONYMUSIC

US department store Sears has used an AudioJungle track in a commercial for their back-to-school sale.

It’s a quick ad, advertising the savings on offer. And, it uses PONYMUSIC’s ‘Fun.’

Poster Spy

Item used: ‘ImagePress’ by butterflymedia

Poster Spy, a website that shows off alternative posters of movies and much more, designed by artists from all over the world, is using butterflymedia’s CodeCanyon plugin, ‘ImagePress’ which showcases images in a beautiful way.

It is the centerpiece of this site, and, as you can see, it shows off the beauty of these poster designs, and their artists, with hovering over each image revealing their names.

Less Famous; More Infamous: The Pee Pocket

Item used: ‘Happiness Bundle’ by OlexandrIgnatov

To a new segment now, that will hopefully pop-up a few times throughout this year. We call it, Less Famous; More Infamous.

An AudioJungle track has been spotted in a commercial for a product that has, let’s just say, a very specific purpose…

It’s called the Pee Pocket, and yes…it’s real. It’s essentially a paper funnel ladies can keep in their purse, put in a plastic bag that comes with it, and dispose of in a discreet way, solving the gender specific problem of having to sit down while you pee. The commercial uses ‘Happiness Bundle’ by OlexandrIgnatov, and the product is available right now on Amazon.

The Pee Pocket: Less Famous; More Infamous.


Item used: ‘Super Store Finder for WordPress’ by highwarden

And finally today, the most well-known food franchise in the world is using an Envato item.

McDonald’s Czechoslovakia is using highwarden’s ‘Super Store Finder for WordPress,’ helping visitors of the site find the nearest location they can purchase a Big Mac from. Being fully responsive, and with features like Street View and Directions, it’s no wonder this CodeCanyon item is a best seller, and a favorite among brands as big as this one.

That’s the Envato Famous 5 for this week. We’ll be back next Thursday with another look at items from our marketplace used in famous places. Be there, or be square!

Credits for this episode:


’80s Action’ by ArrowHeartMedia – Chris Brown

‘Elegant’ by gvsmusichouse – Poster Spy

‘The Funny’ by EITAN-EPSTEIN-MUSIC – The Pee Pocket

‘Be Happy’ by Gavriell – McDonald’s


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