What ‘The Circle’ Trailer and Trump Used From Envato

Welcome to the Famous Five, 5 famous places Envato items have been used.

The Circle trailer

Using: Satellite in Orbit by SpaceStockFootage

The Circle, an upcoming film starring Tom Hanks and Emma Watson, has used SpaceStockFootage’s item, Satellite in Orbit in its trailer (it pops up at 2:06.) It’s quite the compliment for the author’s work, as the animation appears alongside some of the most stunning cinematography in the business. The film comes out in April.

For the Good of the Planet

Using: Inspiringby SonicFox

“For the Good of the Planet” is a fifteen part series of three minute episodes, scouring the world to show what it takes to help child refugees, tackle environmental issues like deforestation, and save endangered species. The show’s opening uses SonicFox’s Inspiring, and episodes are airing around the world, including on ABC in US.

Kvas Ochakovsky

Using: Christmas Motivational Rock by CyrilNikitin

Kvas is regarded by many as the national beverage of choice in Russia. And, at Christmas time, the brand used CyrilNikitin’s Christmas Motivational Rock in a commercial that’s been viewed over 1 million times on YouTube.

Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf

Using: The World is Ending by lucafrancini

PC game, Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf, is using lucafrancini’s The World is Ending as background music in the main menu. Released in May 2016, the game promises to be truly immersive, and has gotten some pretty good reviews. It’s available on Steam.

Trump Luxe

Using: Epic Adventure by MidnightSnap

And finally, the Trump brand has used an Envato item. “Trump Luxe: By Invitation Only” was an event launching an exclusive membership open to residents of the Trump International Hotel in Vancouver, and select others, giving access to exciting events, and launches happening in the Canadian city. It featured, now first daughter, Ivanka Trump, a lot of luxury, and a lot of gold.

And that’s the Famous Five for this week. Our logo was designed by DesignerCow. The link to their profile, and all the items mentioned in today’s show are below.


Intro and The Circle trailer music by Epic Piano Trailer by TM_Colors

Logo by DesignerCow

Filming by Carl Jackson

Written, Spoken and Edited by Dom Hennequin

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