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What Tyga, Netflix, Roman Atwood, and More Used From Envato | Famous 5 S3 E4

5 big names or big brands that have used Envato items. Today what Netflix show, Tau, American rapper, Tyga, and YouTuber Roman Atwood, used from Envato.

Welcome to the Famous 5. Our look at five big names or big  brands that have used Envato items.

Tyga - Boss Up

Item used: RTFX Generator by RTFX

American Hip-Hop artist, Tyga is using a bunch of animations from RTFX’s Generator pack. The pack features over 500 animations from fire, and water transitions, to lower thirds, and titles.

In his music video, Tyga uses a number of them, mostly to transition from live action sequences, to animated ones.

The video has been viewed over 10 million times on YouTube.

Ash of Gods

The same item has also been used in the new game, Ash of Gods.

As the pack works as motion graphics in videos, it also works for video games, as you can see in this trailer.

Ash of Gods is available for Steam, Windows, Apple, and more.


Item used: Emotional Timelapse & Technology Background Ambient by newittmusic

Sony are using Emotional Timelapse & Technology Background by newittmusic in this How To video. The video shows the viewer how to set up Sony’s HT-ZF9 soundbar.

Roman Atwood

Item used: Travel Vlog Hip-Hop by TheRoyalLine

YouTuber Roman Atwood has used Travel Vlog Hip-Hop by TheRoyalLine in a video for his vlog channel. In this video he attends the PUBG eSports Tournament. His partner also loses her wedding ring at the hotel they were staying at. It’s an eventful vlog, and it’s gotten over 2 million views.

Netflix - TAU Trailer

Item used: Disk Logo Opener by kurbatov

Netflix show, TAU, is using Disk Logo Opener by kurbatov. The motion graphics template appears at around 50 seconds in as the visual representation of the Tau, the A.I running the house, played by Oscar winner Gary Oldman, and keeping the lead character Julia prisoner.

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