Where in the World Is the Envato Logo? Lost Somewhere in the Indian Ocean.

Last year Travis “KingDog” King ran an interesting competition. He’d send Envato logo stickers to anyone interested, and they would take photos of the sticker in interesting places from around the world. Over the next weeks we’ll bring you some of the best.

This wet Envato logo was photographed on Marina Beach only moments before it was lost forever in the Indian Ocean. The photographer, Suren, tells the story.

“Every photograph has a story behind it, and this picture has one too. I had a different vision for the location of the Envato sticker. But here is the story.

“While I was walking over the shores of Marina Beach and I took my phone out of my pocket, the Envato sticker which I had with me flew away. I thought it was over.

“Fortunately, a person (who must have been watching my zany antics) picked it up from somewhere and gave it over to me. I took my digicam and was taking a few close-up shots of the sticker.

“Again, the waves came and took it for themselves. Luckily sometime later the sticker came washed to the shore. I took one last photo, then I never saw the sticker again. It must be somewhere in the Indian Ocean.”

“Now, I am going to ask you a question. Where in the world is my Envato sticker?”

So keep your eyes open. If one day when you’re surfing or snorkeling or fishing you come across Suren’s sticker, let us know!