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Who Is Our Community?

Our community is made up of web designers, developers, videographers, musicians and other creatives.

What makes Envato different as a company is that it’s mission is designed around a specific subset of creators, who we refer to as our ‘community’. Our community – made up of web designers, developers, videographers, musicians and other creatives – make the things we sell on our marketplaces.

Our role in the world is to empower them and provide the opportunity to make a living doing what they love.

As Envato reached new heights in its success and launched more marketplaces for different disciplines, the opportunity available to authors – the creators of the items we sell – to make money grew. As this happened, they began communicating with each other more, sharing their experiences on the marketplaces and creating a culture of respect and healthy competitiveness.

Today, that’s evolved into something truly phenomenal with authors from separate marketplaces collaborating on and bundling items to provide full solutions for customers.

When the community succeeds, we succeed

Our success is entirely dependent on that of our community. Over the years, our community of creators has grown, and we’ve worked to inspire and support them to make things the world needs.

But as the company has grown bigger and the number of marketplaces, number of items and the overall community has grown larger, we’ve had to develop our strategy and vision for what a healthy and thriving community looks like. To do that, we’ve developed a culture of authors helping authors and of authors helping customers.

Authors helping authors

The cumulative effect of having an amazing community of creators is that they can share knowledge and advice about the best ways to succeed on Envato.

Whether it’s sharing stories that inspire the rest of the community to keep going, or writing case studies that offer marketing tips, our community is becoming the biggest wealth of knowledge and support.

Seeing them help each other succeed, more than anything else, emphasizes why the culture we’ve built is so special. This unique mix of collaboration, support and healthy competitiveness is pushing our community of creatives to challenge themselves and their ability to create their own destiny on our platforms. And as a member of the Community Team, it’s inspiring to watch. They’re showing us it is possible to make a living out of creativity in this day in age, and that the platform we’ve created is helping them do that.

Authors helping customers

And this is leading our community of creatives into a new chapter, still in its early stages: authors helping customers.

We’re beginning to see more and more customers utilizing our forums and presenting problems that they need solutions to. For customers, the community forums are a safe, collaborative environment to get what they’re looking for, and maybe even learn of solutions to problems they didn’t realize they had.

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Authors helping customers; customers helping authors; Envato helping creatives

With the community evolving into something that has the potential to sustain itself, Envato is focused on doing what it needs to to keep developing and refining this dynamic, while looking for new ways to help give creatives a head start.

We’ve given creatives a place to make money off of their creativity and an opportunity to turn that into a living. We’ve given creative professionals multiple marketplaces full of high quality items that will help them get creative jobs done quicker. And we’re continuing to build new ways for both customers and authors to learn: from tutorials on Tuts+, to case studies and articles on the Envato Blog, to getting specific answers to questions on the Forums, to Envato Elements offering curated items and providing creative inspiration.

In just over a decade, Envato’s community has become a big, dynamic group of creative people that are learning to help each other succeed. And when the community succeeds, we succeed.


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Dom Hennequin

About the Author Dom Hennequin

Dom is Envato's Video & Content Marketing Specialist. He previously worked as the company's Community Content Coordinator, and as the founder and host of the Envato Famous 5.