Why I Still Use Sparrow

I once read a review for Sparrow which basically said that Sparrow is an application designed and developed by the gods for mankind as a gift. This sounded great so I downloaded it. And I fell in love instantly. The design was gorgeous, simple, and everything just worked.

This beautiful app made email relevant again. I just click there, type here, and click there and it’s all done. I started sending emails rather than Facebook messages or text messages; it changed online communication for me.

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I sent the Sparrow team an email once asking if they would considered adding Droplr support for attachments (since they currently have support for Cloud.app). I received a great email back saying that while it wasn’t on their current list of upcoming features, they’d definitely consider it in a later release, and thanks for my suggestion. Sparrow became very personal to me. The “Sent with Sparrow” signature sat at the end of every email I sent with pride.

So naturally, I was gutted when I read the news that Google had bought Sparrow. I felt betrayed by an application I had felt a strong connection with. I went online and vented my anger like an avid YouTube commenter. I joined in with the hating and the malice.

“This is unethical!” I would write. “They promised this! They promised that! I’m going to have to delete Sparrow entirely!” “I’m getting a refund from Apple,” another angry user wrote. “Once my money is taken from their account, that should teach them!” “Yes indeed!” We all agreed.

But then I woke up this morning and I had emails in my inbox, and I replied to them, and they sent, and I was happy. I completely forgot about my spiteful words hours earlier. Sparrow still did what Sparrow does best: email.

Yeah sure, I’m not over the moon about Google doing what Google does, but at the end of the day my favourite application still works. It might die completely in the future with an OS X update, but until then I’m going to use the hell out of it.

The Sparrow team may have promised things that they now cannot deliver, but that’s life, and seriously I don’t care; because right now I’m using a beautiful, functional, simple application that has changed the way I do email; and I love it dearly.


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