10 New Low Poly Mobile Game Packs for 3D Modellers

In our $6,500 Low Poly Mobile Game Packs competition, 3D modellers were encouraged to submit their best Low Poly Mobile Game Packs for iPhone or Android to 3DOcean. Thanks to the Cgtuts+ and 3DOcean review team we’ve finally picked our winners!


Before the winners are revealed, I want to thank and congratulate every participant. Most items were excellent quality and the response to participate was overwelming. It’s a shame we could only pick three winners. Nonetheless, many of these items will be featured on 3DOcean collection soon.

To the winners, we’ll be in touch with you shortly to hook you up with your prizes! Oh, and congratulations, you talented creative people!

1st Prize

Realtime 3D Buildings Pack – Downtown V1 by threedee


Realtime 3D Buildings Pack - Downtown V1 - 3DOcean Item for Sale

This item includes a professional collection and includes eight unique realtime 3D buildings with a ‘Downtown’ theme ready for realtime use in games, visualisations and interactive 3D projects.

Prizes Awarded

  • $1500 Cash
  • 1 x 3D Design Bundle from Video Copilot
  • 1 x dDo Commercial Licence (vol.) from Quixel
  • 1 x nDo2 Commercial Licence (vol.) from Quixel
  • 1 x Year Subscription from 3dmotive
  • 10 x Downloads of your choosing from 3dmotive
  • 3 x DVDs from Eat3D

2nd Prize

Outpost Pack by dinhtran


This is an Outpost Pack. All models are low poly and ready to be used in game.

Prizes Awarded

  • $1000 Cash
  • 1×3D Design Bundle from Video Copilot
  • 1×6 Month Subscription from 3dmotive
  • 3 x Downloads of your choosing from 3dmotive
  • 1 x TopoGun 2 (single licence) from TopoGun
  • 2 x DVDs from Eat3D

3rd Prize

LowPoly Tower Defense Starter Kit by Cremuss


A low poly fantasy tower defense starter kit. It containing one tower, nine weapon and a shelter model. Plus additionnal props including a tree, rock, fence and wooden post.

Prizes Awarded

  • $500 Cash
  • 1 x TopoGun 2 (single licence) from TopoGun
  • 1×3 Month Subscription from 3dmotive
  • 1 x Download of your choosing from 3dmotive
  • 1 x DVD from Eat3D

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Congratulations once again and keep an eye out for future Envato competitions across all our Marketplaces! 🙂

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