Winning Designs in our Abstract Low Poly Photoshop Action Contest

See what our community of creatives came up with when they were given a free Photoshop action in our latest design contest.

Abstract Low Poly Photoshop Action

GraphicRiver author Lil_Bro kindly gave away his colorful Abstract Low Poly Photoshop Action and we invited our community to share what they could create using it.

Here’s a little montage of some of the winner:

And, here are all the winners selected by Lil_Bro himself, along with some of our favorite highlights from the contest:

Winner ($250)

Romlam Digital Selfies by Romlam

Our grand prize winner (which may take a while to load as both images are animated GIFs) stood out like a true champion with its combination of glitchy, technicolor rays and subtle flurries of animated low poly artifacts. A marvelous, unique creative effort from Romlam, many congratulations!

romlam digital selfie


Runner-up ($150)

Fireside by Maiq

Well done to Maiq for this contemplative image that captures a reflective mood and animated campfire. The radiant blue circles in the nighttime sky give it an almost painterly effect.


Third Place ($100)

Kingfisher by LeAmino

The contrasting colors of burnt orange and deep blue on the Kingfisher work exceptionally well with the low poly effect. The subtle use of text and DNA map in the background help present a compelling image of the beauty and complex design of life.


Bonus Prize (T-Shirt)

Owl by JeriTeam

To celebrate the launch of photos on Envato Elements, we offered an Envato T-Shirt to the best submission that utilized a photo from Envato Elements. And here’s our winner! The warm colors and feathered texture of the owl are really accentuated with the Photoshop action giving it an almost HDR quality. Well played, JeriTeam!


Contest Highlights

With over 130 entries it was tough picking just 4 winners. Here are some of our other favorite entries in the contest that showcase the different ways the Abstract Low Poly Photoshop Action can be utilized.

Einstein by CGCortex


Dream Sky by icanstudios


Puddle by WeltonArruda


La Habana by gemerdy


Thumbs-up by redisinani


Leaves by ThemeSLR


Horse by JLbeat


Shatter by bymbsurn


Snowboarder by demomusic


Eiffel Tower by GraphicGrape


Nautical Helmet by Tokojka


Lightbulb by Tokojka


Hummingbird by C0BeCTb


Orange Splash by Anastasiamart1


Muscles by shivkarthik

See How the Photoshop Action Works

Lil_Bro, the author of the Photoshop action used in all of the above contest entries, has made a video showing how to load an image in Photoshop and apply the Abstract Low Poly action, watch below:

To see more work by Lil_Bro, check out his portfolio or some of the cool individual items below:

Geometric Photoshop Action Neon Sign MakerUnderwaterVHS EffectSnow EffectEpical Photoshop Action

More Chances to Win

We’ll be in touch with all winners very soon! In the meantime, keep visiting our community forums to discover more chances to win via multiple creative contests we run on a regular basis. We love seeing your creative ideas and talent being applied to our contests!

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