10 Fantastic WordPress Themes For Building an eCommerce Site

Thanks to WordPress, millions of people can easily sell online, so today, I want to take a look at some of the best WordPress themes that make this possible.

Thanks to WordPress, millions of people sell things online. Today, I want to look at the WordPress themes that make this possible: eCommerce themes.

To add eCommerce functionality to your website, you’ll need to install the free WooCommerce plugin. For those unfamiliar with WooCommerce, the plugin lets you create product pages, adds a working basket/checkout to your website, and handles customer payments.

To avoid repetition, all ten themes are fully WooCommerce compatible. Grab your favorite theme, install WooCommerce, and start selling!


Let’s kick things off with one of my favorite eCommerce themes, Blaszok. Blaszok has the distinction of being ThemeForest’s fastest selling eCommerce theme of all time — quite the accolade!

Words can’t quite do this theme justice; for that, I’ll have to refer you to the demos. The Blaszok developers have built an impressive 22 unique demos for their theme. If you like what you see, you can install any of the demos on your own website with Blaszok’s groundbreaking one-click installation feature.


Want more? The theme supports endless customizations, custom typography, 35 header layouts, nine custom post types, 45 shortcodes, and over 400 vector icons. And we’re still not done: For just $58, Blaszok includes $139-worth of premium plugins.

Overall, a very good eCommerce theme, Blaszok is highly recommended.

Mr. Tailor

If you’re looking to sell high-end fashion and lifestyle products, Mr. Tailor could be just what you need. The theme has a distinct masculine quality, and this makes it best suited to selling male-focused products.

Mr Tailor

When it comes to premium fashion, branding is everything. With this in mind, Mr. Tailor has plenty of customization options for building the brand you want. You can customize just about everything: logos, images, color schemes, and typography. As well as this, Mr. Tailor boasts stunning parallax effects, one-click installation, off-canvas filters/cart, and wish list functionality.

If you want to sell with style, look no further than Mr. Tailor.


Next up we have Retro, a gorgeous, vintage eCommerce theme. The theme has a slightly quirky design and feel to it. It comes with five uber-stylish pre-built skins — these are fully customizable, though, with a choice of unlimited colors.

My favorite thing about this theme is the stylish product grids, which can be configured to display anywhere between 2-6 products per row.


Eco Recycling

With its bold typography, striking parallax effects, and clean design, Eco Recycling is a truly stunning eCommerce theme. As the name implies, the theme targets ecology and recycling. From an eCommerce perspective, it could be used to sell any green or organic products.

Eco Shop

As simple as it sounds, it’s the typography that makes this theme stand out, which complements the soft tones perfectly. You can also use the Slider Revolution plugin to craft a stunning image slider for that perfect first impression.


Kallyas is a visually stunning, multi-purpose eCommerce theme. As such, it can be used to sell just about any product imaginable — as demonstrated by the demo.

The theme supports plenty of customization options, allowing you to build a unique website for your brand. There’s unlimited header layouts, infinite colors, dark/light skins, and multiple portfolio layouts. If you want more customization, the theme includes the best-selling Visual Composer plugin, too, with 69 on-page elements. For extra usability, the theme supports one-click installation.


Bazar Shop

Many eCommerce themes are too concerned with looking cool and adding flashy elements. An eCommerce store’s primary focus, however, should be selling products. Enter Bazar Shop.


Bazar Shop makes your products the focal point, with product galleries dominating the homepage. The theme still manages to look incredibly stylish, though, and you can strengthen your brand with image sliders and header images. To help you sell more products, the theme supports two checkout pages, a catalogue mode, and a pop-up plugin for pushing your promotions.

Organic Shop

Organic Shop is another theme targeted at organic product sellers. The theme uses a clean and modern design, which you can customize with unlimited color schemes and Google font integration. For usability, there’s easy-configure home/contact pages, too.

If you’re in the organic industry, this could be the perfect theme for you.

Organic Shop


Next up we have North, an effortlessly stylish eCommerce theme. The theme is relatively versatile, but would probably suit fashion stores best, as the demo proves.

North makes a stunning first impression with a full-page, interactive image slider. The product pages look awesome, too, with a large header image and clean product galleries.


North supports one-click installation, pop-ups, and wish list functionality. For even more functionality, the theme’s $63 price tag includes $131 worth of premium plugins.


Like Bazar Shop, Flatsome lets your products take center stage on your website. This makes the theme a super-effective selling machine.

The homepage is just the right mix of eye-catching imagery — courtesy of the full-width image slider — and product listings. The theme supports Pinterest-style product galleries, wish lists, and custom cart icons. A nice-looking theme with all the functionality an eCommerce store needs.



We round out today’s post with the beautiful Enfinity theme.

The most distinctive part of the theme’s design is undoubtedly the full-screen background. This background image is fully customizable, as is the theme’s color scheme — there’s also five stylish pre-built skins included. To top things off, the theme also supports loads of shortcodes, eye-catching image galleries, and Mega Menus.


With literally hundreds of WooCommerce-compatible themes, it would be impossible to list them all.

The ten featured themes today are by no means the ‘best’ — that’s far too subjective — but are simply some of my favorites. If you feel like disagreeing with me, share your favorite eCommerce themes in the comments below!


Featured image: Bloomua

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