If You’re A Scrooge, You’ll Hate These Cheery Christmas Designs

For DIY wrapping paper

6 vector holiday patterns, from illustrator Artness.

For your mass-mailing of holiday cards

A big collection of Christmas cards from wowomnom.

For the perfect gift tags

A modern set of 40 Christmas Seamless Vector Patterns, from Youandigraphics.

For a vintage party poster

These bright designs, from Guuver.

Stickers for the kids

A collection of 29 holiday designs, from Artness.

To decorate your (digital) Christmas tree

Christmas tree balls, stars, toys, icicles and bells from Moonery.

For an iconic holiday

Flat designs for website icons, from barsrsind.

To add Christmas cheer to your family photo

Christmas and New Year’s text overlays for the holiday season, from JeksonJS.

For a festive Christmas dinner

An easily editable menu template, from Marchiez.

For your big holiday sale

Three flyers in cheerful colors from Guuver.

For mistletoe lovers

A classy watercolor design from Designloverstudio.

For your office party

A customisable design from Squirrel92.

For your Facebook cover photo

Nontraditional color schemes from Faber14.

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