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Best Retail Logo Templates

As a retailer, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of a strong retail logo – after all, it’s often the first touchpoint for customers looking to understand what your store is all about. These days, you don’t necessarily need to rush out and hire a graphic designer if you want a quality logo; instead, with the right tools, you can make your own and achieve professional results.

How To Design A Retail Logo

Use a Logo Maker

Discover smart retail store logo templates that you can quickly and easily customize based on your brand’s message. This is a great option for beginners as you don’t need design experience or software to navigate Placeit.

Use Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop

Recommended for those with design skills, you can select a template from Envato Market and then adapt it using Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. If you have a subscription, you can download a template from Envato Elements. The templates offer more customization options than Placeit, but you will need access to Adobe’s software.

Logo Design Trends

Just like the world of retail, logo fashions change. This year, look out for:

1. Gradient Logos

Like Instagram’s logo, this trend sees a movement towards static logos with changing color hues.

Instagram Logo

2. Logos With Overlapping Elements

Paypal Logo

Taking inspiration from brands like PayPal and Mastercard, this space-saving technique can lead to unique and eye-catching designs.

3. Metallic Logos

Jaguar Logo, present

No longer reserved for luxury brands like Jaguar, metallic shades are beginning to have a wider appeal.

Logo Design Tips

In a world crowded with competition, make sure your retail logo ideas are doing your brand justice. Some points to bear in mind:

1. Don’t underestimate color: The most used colors for retail store logo design are blue and red. Red signifies excitement and blue embodies security and trust.

2. Use variable design: Create a logo that can be adapted based on its use, yet remain recognizable.

3. Remember negative space: See if you can find a way to include a hidden secondary message (i.e. the arrow hidden between the ‘e’ and the ‘x’ in the Fedex logo).

Iconic Retail Store Logos

Would these retail brands be as successful without their stand-out logo designs?

1. Nike: The famous tick conveys motion and speed.

Nike Logo

2. Apple: First designed in 1976, the logo featured Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. A year later, co-founder Steve Jobs brought in a designer to focus more on the apple itself.

Apple Logo

3. eBay: Using a different color per letter, the logo hints at the fact that the company sells something for everyone.

Ebay LogoRead on for a round-up of some of the best retail logo templates available on Placeit, Envato Elements and Envato Market.

Retail Logo Templates From Placeit

Best for childrenswear:
Clothing Logo Maker for Kids Clothing Brands

This template is one of a few retail Placeit logo ideas that cleverly uses fingerprints to create fun and colorful pictures. Whether you want a hat-wearing bird, a friendly-looking dinosaur or a helicopter, pick your favorite and away you go.

Best for opticians: Online Logo Maker for Sunglasses Shops

Online Logo Maker for Sunglasses Shops

Scroll through multiple eye-related icons which you can use to bring your logo to life. Options include an emoji wearing spectacles, heart shaped glasses, and a simple hat paired with eyewear.

Best for clothing designers: Logo Template for Fashion Designers

Logo Template for Fashion Designers

Quickly emphasize the bespoke nature of your business with this template. It offers homemade-style icons including buttons and thread, plus there’s an option for the box surrounding your company’s name to mimic stitching.

Best for unisex clothing: Apparel Logo Maker with Curved Minimalist Text

Apparel Logo Maker with Curved Minimalist Text

Avoid alienating your customer base with this ultra simple and customizable retail logo design. It offers a great option for secondary text, where you can include information such as when the company was founded.

Best for beauty boutiques: Beauty Boutique Logo Maker

Beauty Boutique Logo Maker

This template shows how to make a simple logo really stand out. Splashes of color can be selected as a background for your company’s name, which is an effective way to create an air of luxury.

Best for sneakers: Custom Logo Maker for Sneaker Stores

Custom Logo Maker for Sneaker Stores

This sneaker store logo has got a retro look and feel which will appeal to ‘90s fashion fans.

Retail Logo Templates For Adobe Photoshop

Best for adventure brands: Outdoor Adventure Logos by jiwstudio


With a mountainous terrain and illustrated walking boots and trees, this Envato Elements template quickly tells consumers what your brand is about.

Best for discount stores:
Great Price Logo by Mr-goro

Great Price Logo by Mr-goro

Featuring a ‘thumbs up’ within a price tag, this Envato Market template tells consumers that your store offers excellent value for money.

Retail Logo Templates For Adobe Illustrator

Best for health / nature:
Nature Logo Kit by Suhandi

30 Nature Logo Kit by Suhandi

With icon options that include leaves, trees and fruits, this Envato Elements template is ideal for wellness, health or medical companies.

Best for wine companies:
Wine Logo by gksd777

Wine Logo by gksd777

From Envato Market, this option uses negative space. It can be resized and the colors edited to suit your brand’s personality.

The fact that you need a strong logo to market your business has never been up for debate – the only question is how to go about making one! If you don’t have graphic design experience and are short of time or budget, Placeit offers a great selection of templates to help shape your brand. If you have access to Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator, both Envato Market and Envato Elements offer a huge variety of templates with even greater customization options. Whatever you decide, you can discover more about designing a logo with our Logo Design Guide.

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