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Best Sport Team Logo Templates

Wherever you are on the spectrum from sport lover to hater, we bet you’d be able to recognize some of the world’s most iconic sports logos at the very least. But what you might not know is that, these days, it doesn’t take an elite budget to create a winning logo.

Whether you’re a designer or you’re setting up a sports team, here are just some of the many reasons why creating a top-notch logo is key:

1. It sets you apart

Competition is at the heart of sport, but it goes beyond the game itself. Clubs fight to get noticed so make sure your logo is memorable.

2. It sparks emotional connections

Think of your logo like a coat of arms. Whatever the sport, it’s a symbol of unity for your new or already established fans and it helps build a sense of community.

3. It sells

Some predict the global sports industry is worth up to $620 billion, and having a strong logo will help you to at least take a slice of this as fans will want to proudly display it on their merchandise.

Sports Team Logo Design Tips

Remember color

Make sure the color scheme represents your sport. High energy sports, like wrestling, tend to use black, red or orange, whereas more relaxed activities like golf and yoga opt for greens, blues and greys.

Emphasize motion

Try to mimic the flow of your team’s sport in the logo. For example, you could use bursts to signify crashes in an extreme sports logo, or the ball’s movement in a soccer logo.

Think about icons

Including a mascot can help to show what your team is all about. If your sport is high energy, like basketball or ice hockey, using illustrated animals in your logo is a popular trope.

Sports Logo Maker and Templates


This sports logo creator is a great option for those with little or no graphic design experience as you can download smart templates from Placeit straight to your desktop, which you can then quickly and easily customize.

Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

For those with design experience, Envato Market gives you access to a huge selection of Adobe Illustrator and/or Photoshop templates. If you have a subscription, you can download a template from Envato Elements to make your unique sports logo. This route offers more customization options than Placeit, but you need access to Adobe’s software.

Read on for a round-up of some of the best sports logos available on Placeit, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Sport Team Logo Templates From Placeit

Wrestling Logo Maker

Pro Wrestling Logo Creator

When it comes to creating a logo for wrestling, the black, red and grey colour scheme is popular, but this wrestling logo template can be adapted if you want to go against the grain. Browse more wrestling logo templates here.

Soccer Logo Maker

Soccer Logo Maker

It’s common for soccer logos to focus on history, with many featuring crests. This template allows you to either keep the crest simple or include animals, ships, or human figures. Browse more soccer logo templates here.

Rugby Logo Maker

Rugby Logo Maker

National teams tend to use significant animals or plants within their logos. This template includes various animals that are native to Australia, as well as more generic and traditional-style coats of arms. Browse more rugby logo templates here.

Lacrosse Logo Maker

Lacrosse Logo Maker

Often featuring the iconic lacrosse stick, this template is as classic as it gets. Easily adapt the font style and pick the colors that best represent your team’s personality. Browse more lacrosse logo templates here.

Basketball Logo Maker

Basketball Logo Maker

The most popular basketball logo colors are red and black, followed by maroon and white, but this template allows you to select whichever scheme most suits your team. Browse more basketball logo templates here.

Volleyball Logo Maker

Volleyball Logo Maker

Incorporating motion is simple with this dynamic template, which hints at the movement of the ball. Volleyball logo design often features the ball and its iconic stitching–something you can easily include with this template. Browse more volleyball logo templates here.

Sport Team Logo Templates For Adobe Photoshop

Vintage American Football Logos / USA Sports Badge by JeksonJS

Vintage American Football Logos : USA Sports Badge by JeksonJS

Like many American football logos, this template includes the ball as well as the flag’s iconic red, white and blue color scheme. This Envato Elements option has a vintage feel and can be adapted with your chosen text.

Fishing Sport Logo Template by BossTwinsMusic

Fishing Sport Logo Template by BossTwinsMusic

You can’t get more classic than this simple blue and white logo from Envato Market. The blue tone indicates water, and the hook cleverly creates the logo’s border. It can be resized and you can easily change the selected fonts.

Sport Team Logo Templates For Adobe Illustrator

Bowling Sport Logo by Logokamu

Bowling Sport Logo by Logokamu

Incorporating motion into the design, it’s easy to spot which sport this Envato Market logo is referencing. This template also includes helpful photographs to demonstrate how the design will look on merchandise.

BASEBALL by shazidesigns

BASEBALL by shazidesigns

With a bat and ball, this Envato Elements logo also immediately conveys what the team is all about. Red and navy blue are the most commonly used colors in baseball, and this classic logo uses both.

Whatever team you want to promote, the need for a quality logo is clear. The only question is how to go about making one. If you’re new to graphic design, Placeit is a brilliant option as you can make cool sports logos using easy-to-edit templates. Otherwise, the templates available on Envato Market and Envato Elements offer even greater customization options, but they do require you to have access to Adobe’s software.

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