Clothing Brand Logos

Whether you’re thinking of launching a clothing brand or rebranding your existing shop, having a great logo, combined with quality inventory and amazing customer service, can help turn buyers into true fans and advocates. You need to ensure that your brand will stand out from the crowd and that it has the staying power to keep growing, long after launch. One of the secrets to this is consistent branding. Clothing brand logos are often used as key design elements–sometimes prominently featured on the garments themselves, as well as on labels and packaging.

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How to Make a Clothing Brand Logo

Coming up with a winning logo out of nowhere is a challenge, and particularly when you’re already juggling the many other tasks that come with launching and growing a business: developing a successful strategy, writing up your business plan, finding suppliers, looking into ways to fund your business… the list goes on.

Our community of talented designers is tirelessly working on creating quality logo templates to help kickstart your business and provide inspiration. You can also create your own logo using Placeit’s logo maker – this is a great in-browser option if you don’t have the software to edit the templates. If you need even more flexibility, an Envato Elements subscription also includes countless great clothing logo templates, plus many incredibly useful assets with unlimited downloads for a single monthly price!

Best Retail Logo Templates

The clothing line logo is often the very first touchpoint for your future customers. It’s the first thing they see, long before making a purchase decision. If your brand’s logo is memorable, the chances of your audience eventually buying from you increases exponentially. Before you settle on one particular design, however, you need to test out your audience’s preferences. These days, this is easier than ever, with tools like Placeit’s logo maker or one of the templates that’s included with your Envato Elements subscription. If you’re looking for design inspiration, be sure to check out our article covering some of the best clothing line logos out there, or have a browse through our huge library of ready-made clothing logo designs over on Envato Market.

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Logo Design Guide

In this guide, we’ll explain the different categories of logo design, look at the qualities of great logos, and show you how to create your own logo.

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