Content Teaser Video

Your teaser video has one job – to get your audience excited about what’s to come. A teaser or trailer is a very short video that plays a crucial role when it comes to promoting the content you have to offer your audience. It can help to increase both engagement on platform and traffic to site.

Promoting Content With Video

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Using video for blog promotion is a creative way to drive traffic to your content, but simply posting a video isn’t enough. Think about adapting your content teaser video depending on which social media network you’ll be using to distribute it – whether that’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – and give extra thought to titles, keywords and thumbnails.

When you’re thinking about how to promote a blog post or other types of content, don’t try and include everything in your teaser video or you could end up achieving very little. Instead, highlight the bits that illustrate the key message of the content and try to leave your audience wanting more.

Think about what you want your audience to do as a result of watching your video. Do you want users to comment on your video? Do you want them to click through to your website? Your goals might be different depending on the platform you’re posting to, and that will impact the length, content (text, still and footage) and calls to action. You can learn more about the requirements of different video channels in our Video Marketing Guide.

Creating a slideshow video can be a simple and fast way of making a teaser video, so this is worth considering when you’re thinking about how to promote your blog. Find out more about using video to promote your blog content.

How to Make a Slideshow Video

If you’re looking to make a teaser video without any software or editing skills, you might like to try a slideshow video maker template from Placeit. A template will take care of a lot of the hard work, so you can concentrate on nailing some strong visuals and getting your message and call to action across in a clear and engaging way.

Experienced with video editing and have access to the Adobe suite? Great! Why not try a template made for Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere Pro. This will give you an excellent starting point, which you can then customize to suit your project, and there are a variety of styles to choose from.

Whatever your template choice, remember to keep your visuals simple but bold, with a short and clear message that conveys what you want your audience to do and to get from your video.

Best Slideshow Video Templates

For a little help with creating the very best teaser videos you can check out our roundup of some of the best templates available. Select a template to create a powerful and attention-grabbing video.

If you need some motivation, here are a few video slideshow templates you might like to try:

These slideshow video makers are great for teasers because you can keep them short and snappy, while still adding professional elements, like audio. They can also help inspire you and give you ideas for your video teaser; whether you want to promote a blog, or a ‘how-to’ tutorial, there’s something for every occasion, and you can customize the template to suit your purpose.

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