Facebook Images

Every day, users scroll through a Facebook feed that’s packed with updates from brands, publishers, and peers. With competition for their attention at an all time high, it pays to create visual content that will stand out. Facebook video might be a strong option, but a picture says a thousand words. Create Facebook images using a Facebook post maker.

Food photography on smartphone

@zaza, Twenty20

How to Design a Facebook Cover Image

Whether you’re posting content to a brand or personal page, an effective Facebook cover image is essential. The cover image is one of the visual cues that will help to define your brand when a user lands on your page. Check out Placeit’s Facebook cover maker to speed up and simplify the process – particularly if you want to update it regularly.

You can mix and match graphics and text elements to build an eye-catching image that will encourage your audience to take action, whether that’s to follow your page, like, share or comment on the image, or click on a link to your website. The Facebook cover maker is set at the correct dimensions and all the pre-set content makes the most of the space.

Facebook Image Post Templates

The key to social media is posting consistently. The challenge is finding enough time to create images to fill your feed. The best shortcut is to use Facebook templates for images that save you the work of designing content from scratch. If you need to create Facebook images consistently, make sure to sample from the best Facebook image templates that have the elements you need built in, from fonts to graphics. Start with a template, drop in your text and image, and you too can quickly create images for your Facebook feed.