Facebook Video

Facebook video offers a huge advantage to marketers: it auto plays in your users’ feeds. This gives you an opportunity to make an instant impact with your target audience. Just a few seconds of quality video content might draw someone in to watch the entire video and engage with your brand. As the second largest video platform after YouTube, posting video to Facebook should definitely be a consideration in your social media strategy.

Young Woman taking picture of breathtaking sunset

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How to Make a Video on Facebook

Don’t know how to make a video on Facebook? Don’t worry: with the right video tools, it can be quick and easy. Ultimately, the goal with Facebook video is to create content that your audience likes, watches, and shares. It helps if you use a Facebook video maker, with smart templates that feature the key elements of successful Facebook videos. Open the template and add your own text, images and video footage (or choose from the assets available), then download the finished video, ready for sharing. Visit our Video Marketing Guide to find more video production tips and tools that you can use to your advantage.

Best Facebook Video Templates

On Facebook, you’re not only competing with other brands, you’re competing with the very next post. You need to cut to the chase quickly and show your ideas in motion before users scroll past your video and onto the next. That’s why it helps to use video templates that are built with short attention spans in mind. Using an in-browser smart template or a template combined with video editing software, such as Adobe After Effects, will give you an advantage. Select one of the Facebook video templates from our roundup to help you build your next video, whether it’s a cover video or slideshow post.

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