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Instagram Video Trends 2019

From the moment Instagram introduced video in 2013, and saw an incredible 5 million uploads within the first 24 hours, the number of videos posted on the platform has quadrupled each year. With every increase has come a dizzying number of Instagram video trends in both the execution and use of videos, including Instagram Story trends.

For brands looking to capitalize on the popularity of Instagram video in your marketing communications, it’s worth bearing in mind that some of these Instagram video trends are temporary, like the rainbow trend for example, and therefore best avoided if you want your marketing videos to have longevity. Others, like IG filters, have such a huge impact on tastes and preferences that they’ll likely stick around to become an indelible part of the platform.

To help you differentiate between the fly-by-night Instagram video trends and those that are here to stay, we’ve taken a deep dive into Instagram user behaviour across Instagram Stories, Timeline videos, Instagram video ads and IGTV to identify trends that are growing steadily in popularity and are set to blow up in 2019.

1. Work the Vertical

Remember the first time you saw a vertical video? How weird did that seem? Well, this is one trend—made popular by Instagram Story videos, and now IGTV—that’s here to stay. Why? Firstly, because most of us hold our phones in a vertical orientation, making vertical videos a natural preference for mobile phone video makers. Secondly, with over 4.8 billion people accessing the internet via mobile phones, it is essential to create content for mobile-only audiences that can be viewed easily. By creating spaces dedicated to vertical videos, Instagram has established the vertical video as the video format of the mobile domain, and savvy marketers and content producers are responding big time.

Fashion brand Louis Vuitton is a great example of a brand that’s working the vertical format to create visually engaging videos of their fashion shows, behind-the-scene moments, and special events, such as the making of a bespoke Louis Vuitton case to transport Vermeer’s painting, The Milkmaid. To get in on the vertical video action, try these cool customizable Instagram Story video templates from Placeit. Narrow down your search for an IG Story with our roundup of the best Instagram Story templates.

2. Use Video In Instagram Story Ads

One of the most important Instagram video trends has been the growing use of video in Story Ads. Brands that have embraced video in Instagram Story Ads have been seeing incredible results, and with over 400 million people using Instagram Stories every day, this is one of those trends that will likely explode in 2019.

Instagram Story Ad

To celebrate reaching 50,000 Instagram followers, J&CO Jewellery decided to use Instagram Story Ads to post a series of short videos over three days, offering a variety of discounts on their products. The result: 58% of total sales were driven by their video ads in Instagram Stories.

If you’re a small business looking to create your own short videos, Placeit has loads of awesome video templates designed specifically for Instagram Story Ads. Get started with our Instagram Story Video Maker and the Best Instagram Ad Templates.

3. Dive Into Stop-Motion Animation Video

Stop-motion animation is another powerful Instagram video trend that you need to check out.  Stop-motion is nothing new, but with the increased use of video on Instagram, and the need to differentiate one’s videos from the competition, the stop-motion style is seeing a resurgence.

Stop-motion videos are created by taking a still photograph of a changing scene at regular intervals and then combining the series of photos using software like Adobe Premiere Pro or iMovie.

If you’re interested in employing this approach in your videos, Envato Market has a wide range of readymade stop-motion videos, like the excellent Stop Motion Animation of Travel Kit.

4. Illustrate and Animate

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Stop-motion animations aren’t the only animated videos gaining a new-found popularity. Increasingly, illustrators are using their skills to create funny and whimsical videos for brands by combining drawing with still photographs, or animating their drawings, as demonstrated by users creativewali and fabouncy.

Animations are a great way for companies to bring a bit of playfulness and fun to their ads. This Content Teaser Video for Travel Agencies is just one of several motion graphic animation templates available at Placeit that will help you engage and charm your target audience.

5. Color It Up

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We all know by now that bright and saturated colors are a magnet on Instagram, but did you know the same goes for video? One of the video trends you definitely need to get on board with is the use of glorious, rich, luscious colors that create an air of positivity and make people feel great.

Haribo, the makers of all things sweet, may have an edge over the competition because their products are already bright and colorful, but it’s hard not to appreciate the stunning job they’ve done with vibrant colors in this fun and creative timeline video.

If you’re looking for wonderfully colorful video templates to bring some of that upbeat quality to your own videos, Placeit offers a fabulous range of both vertical and horizontal templates, like the Text Animation Maker for Summer Sales template or the Instagram Video Maker for a Nightclub Promo Video template – just two of the many on offer that will make your target audience pause for a second look.

6. Embrace Kinetic Typography

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Kinetic typography is everywhere these days, and if you’ve never tried it, here’s what you’re missing: kinetic typography integrates text and movement to highlight particular words in order to create a powerful statement that grabs the viewer’s attention.

Here’s a clever and creative use of kinetic typography by Instagrammer burgess_john. If you think this sounds like it’s above your skill level, don’t worry—again, Placeit has a number of great customizable templates, like Animation Maker for Instagram Posts Featuring Kinetic Typography, which allows brands to build their own kinetic typography videos quickly and easily.

7. Return to Intertitles

Intertitles are a blast from the past, making a comeback in Instagram Videos in new and innovative ways. An intertitle, also known as a title-card, harks back to the days of silent film, when filmmakers used it to communicate dialogue, description, and other details that would in modern-day movies be conveyed through sound.

Today, intertitles are being used predominantly in Instagram Stories, with text between scenes to emphasize a message. Not only do they tie in with Instagram user behaviour (some people like to keep the sound off, for various reasons), but they also create an interactive experience (“tap to find out X”), and give brands new ways of encouraging viewers to take action.

Adventure brand Rei often uses intertitles to great effect in its Instagram Stories. Creating your own intertitles is super easy, with customizable templates like Sales Instagram Video Maker for a Travel Agency from Placeit.

Want more? Check out our guide to using Instagram Stories in your social media strategy.

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