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It’s hard to believe that, when it first launched, Instagram didn’t even support video. Now, there are several Instagram video formats that have a place on every social media marketer’s toolbelt. These include content like Instagram Stories, in-feed video, and IGTV.

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Instagram Stories

If you want to see the power of the Instagram platform, look no further than the mass migration of Snapchat users to Instagram when Instagram Stories launched. For many users, there was no longer a compelling reason to use both apps. To stand out from the crowd, use creative Instagram Story templates. Combine elements like motion graphics and animated text to hold a fast-swiper’s attention and get them to stop on your IG Story. Make sure to learn more about how to use Instagram Stories to your advantage.

In-Feed Video

Over time, more and more of our Instagram feeds have been made up of video clips. Again, it’s all about creating content that breaks up your user’s feed and provides variety in their content streams. Posting an in-feed video is a change-up in the feed and also allows you to tell stories that still images just can’t convey.


The barriers to being a broadcaster have never been lower, and IGTV is a great example of that. With IGTV, you can stream your content live. Use IGTV to create a sense of exclusivity (“tune in at 8PM to find out more!”) and connect with your audience in real time. Best of all, Instagram will push notifications to interested users to let them know that you’re broadcasting, effortlessly increasing your exposure.

Instagram Carousel

The Instagram carousel allows you to upload several types of content in a single post. Mix and match video content and imagery to create a totally unique story with Instagram carousels.

One idea for how you can make creative use of an Instagram carousel is to start with a video clip in the first placeholder, then back it with product images in the other swipeable slots. If you need help getting started, discover how to make an Instagram carousel ad.

How to Make Instagram Videos

Making an Instagram video that stands out in your followers’ feeds can be easy. If you don’t use video software, try Placeit’s Instagram video maker. Placeit has templates that are already sized and designed with Instagram video in mind. You start with a template, then add your details and export a finished video file. It only takes a few minutes to build your Instagram video and you can be confident that it will look great on the platform.

If you already use an app like Adobe After Effects or Adobe Premiere Pro, you can use Instagram video templates from Envato Elements and Envato Market. Envato Elements offers thousands of templates for a flat-rate subscription, while you can pick and choose individual templates and bundles to buy on Envato Market.

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