Real or Photoshop

Real or Photoshop: Action or Artist Challenge

2020 is the 30th birthday of Adobe Photoshop, the software that’s so successful it’s become a verb. To celebrate the evolution of this remarkable tool, we also challenged two members of the Envato team, designer Suzi and Tuts manager Matt, to go head-to-head in the ultimate Photoshop challenge. Play along at home to determine if the image is real or Photoshopped, i.e. is it the work of an artist or a Photoshop Action? The items featured in the video are listed below, so don’t scroll down yet unless you want to spoil the fun!

If you’re looking to boost your Photoshop Action spotting skills, check out our 30 Before and After Photoshop Actions. Plus you can brush up on Photoshop with 30 Photoshop tips and tricks and the free Photoshop for Beginners course over on Envato Tuts.

So, how many did you get right? Let us know in the YouTube comments. If you’re looking for more Photoshop Actions, visit Envato Elements to learn more about our subscription.

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