YouTube Channel Art

With more than 23 million channels vying for the attention of nearly 2 billion users every month, it’s harder than ever to stand out on YouTube and get your YouTube videos noticed. Good content is essential, but so are the assets that can help you brand and market your channel, which includes YouTube channel art such as YouTube banners.

Trending on YouTube

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Investing time in creating a YouTube banner, profile picture, logo and thumbnails will pay off in terms of setting your channel apart. Your banner is the first thing users see when they visit your channel, while YouTube video thumbnails appear in searches and sidebars and play a key role in selling your content.

Effective YouTube channel art can help signal to potential users that you publish the kind of videos they want to see, which will help to boost your views and subscribers.

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel

Promoting your YouTube channel comes down to a few key principles. Posting consistently, with a high production value, and creating content that people are searching for is a must. You also need to take the time to add polish to your channel in the form of essentials like channel art, attention-grabbing YouTube thumbnails, and a YouTube banner. When it comes to standing out on YouTube, the bar has never been higher, but there’s still plenty of room for emerging channels as long as you post quality content.

Best YouTube Channel Art Templates

Using a YouTube channel art template makes it quick and easy to build a banner that fits your channel. The best YouTube banner makers already include all of the common elements you need to create art that makes an impact.

YouTube encourages users to explore and discover new channels. With recommended videos and playlists, viewers are always landing on new channels while browsing. Think of your YouTube channel art as a billboard for your channel that gives an instant first impression. A blank or unclear billboard will give the impression of an unfinished channel, so make sure you create one to complete the picture.