YouTube Video

The immensely popular video-sharing website is home to a vast array of content, and everyone – from vloggers to brands to feline fanatics – is making their mark on the platform. But how do you make a good YouTube video, and what makes it watchable, shareable and repeatable? Video templates are a great way to ensure good-looking visuals. Simply download a template and customize it to suit your needs. There are thousands of affordable YouTube templates that allow you to edit text and add audio to your videos, while Placeit’s Intro Maker is a speedy way to come up with an animated intro to your channel to hook viewers in.

For more YouTube video tips, check out the chapter on social media video in our Video Marketing Guide, including the required video formats and video specs.

YouTube Video Templates

One of the best things about using a YouTube template is the ability to add eye-catching intros and outros to your content. Use YouTube intro templates to build a video opening that immediately grabs viewers’ attention, and ensure everything you upload to the platform is instantly recognizable by adding a consistent outro.

YouTube Channel Art

When it comes to promoting your channel, it’s important to get your YouTube channel art right. This means creating professional banners that appear on your page and profile and look great on mobile devices and desktops. A YouTube channel art template can help with this.

Women recording the end of a basketball game on their phones

@shannonfieldsphoto, Twenty20

YouTube Thumbnails

Thumbnails are one of the first things viewers see when browsing the site so it’s important to make yours stand out. This means considering your YouTube thumbnail size and design carefully.

YouTube Banners

Make sure your YouTube banner adheres to the platform’s guidelines with an easy-to-use banner template. A great channel art template will give your page a finished look, help build brand recognition, and encourage subscriptions and views.

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