Check out this curated list of Dope Motions' top recommended VideoHive items from Envato Market. Spice up your videos with these After Effects project files and Premiere Pro templates.

Dope Motions' Recommended Items

Why Dope Motion Prefers Envato Market

Item Variety

Virtually any type of Premiere Pro template and After Effects project file is available on Envato Market: with 60,000+ files available now.

Affordable Pricing

Every item on Envato Market is extremely affordable for every kind of project, starting at $5 per item. No matter your budget, there is certainly an option for you.

Workflow Efficiency

Envato Market items help you save tremendous amounts of time, with a suite of professionally made and ready-to-use templates - all whilst still producing high-quality work for your clients.

Community Matters

Envato Market is an author driven community, so every purchase supports a fellow video producer or motion designer.

High-Quality Items

Items uploaded to Envato Market are reviewed by a team of dedicated professionals, ensuring each and every asset is at a premium standard.

Tried & Tested

Envato Market templates have played a pivotal part in Dope Motions' success as a content creator.

Want More?

Check out these best-selling collections for even more ways to amp up your video projects.  

Take your video projects to the next level with the best-selling After Effects project files on Envato Market! 

Flexible, royalty-free & best-selling stock footage that you can use for any of your projects. 

Set your projects into motion with these best selling motion graphics items on Envato Market.

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