2018s Best After
Effects Project Files

20 of the best project files to take your video production to the next level


by videolancer

With nearly 14,000 sales, this pack of over 1,000 seamless transitions speaks for itself. Applied to any video project, transition through your scenes from a glitch to fade effects, pixelation and everything in between!

$50 4.92 star rating 21562 sales

TypoKing | Title Animation - Kinetic Typography Text

by Pixflow

TypoKing is comprised of 500 animated titles which build on top of Motion Factory’s free toolkit: Type Builder. Creating high quality text animation & typography for both After Effects and Premiere Pro projects has never been easier!

$59 4.7 star rating 7525 sales

Neon Sign Kit

by ThomasKovar

Illuminate your logo, text or images with the Neon Sign Kit: featuring everything you need to create realistic, 3D neon signs directly from After Effects.

$29 4.86 star rating 7605 sales

140 Flash FX Elements

by Recarto

680 hours of work have been poured into this impressive pack of flash effects and elements, and it shows! Smoke explosions, flame and energy elements, shapes, lines and transitions have all been included to power up your project.

$33 4.89 star rating 9348 sales

Video Library - Video Presets Package

by nitrozme

Video Library contains more than 250 ready-to-use presets and 1,000 elements from 12 different categories, bringing your After Effects project up to a professional level in no time.

$41 4.92 star rating 1590 sales


by RoyalPixels

Make your next video more dynamic and exciting with these clean, multipurpose and modern transitions. Simply place the transition you like on top of your footage and let the template do its magic in one single click!

$48 4.91 star rating 2788 sales

VoluMax - 3D Photo Animator

by Cream-Motion

Turn your photos into impressive 3D animations with Volumax for After Effects. Modify parameters and effects to enhance your creations with flares, particles, light leaks and more.

$55 4.82 star rating 7654 sales

Glitch Transitions

by videolancer

Find your favorite of 700 glitch transitions and apply in just a single click! With perfectly nostalgic glitch effects like VHS, analog TV, satellite TV and bad single, you’ll be transported to a different time and dimension.

$43 5 star rating 1178 sales

Big Pack of Elements

by Motion-Land

Two talented motion graphic designers joined forces to create one of the most well-received items of 2017: Big Pack of Elements. Bold, bright and incredibly useful with everything from titles to backgrounds, icons, shapes, and more, you’ve got the perfect mix of elements to upgrade your project.

$49 4.91 star rating 4505 sales

Photo Motion - 3D Photo Animator

by Integnity

Breathe life into your photos with Photo Motion: an animator kit capable of transforming any static image into a dynamic animation. Includes 4 projection methods, 200+ effects & filters, and free updates forever!

$65 4.78 star rating 12681 sales

Ultimate Earth Zoom Toolkit

by MotionApe

Zoom in on Earth. Anywhere you want. With this toolkit, you can zoom in anywhere on Earth and work on topnotch graphics and visual elements. The comprehensive library of unique features enables you to add markers and graphics, and customize the footage to your exact needs.

$41 4.9 star rating 6830 sales

Particle Builder | Elemental Pack: Fire Sand Smoke Sparkle Particular Presets

by Pixflow

Created with motion designers and VFX professionals in mind, this is a high-quality particle generator for your footage. Add a touch or smother your scenes in dust, smoke, sparkles, flames or glass particles!

$49 4.57 star rating 3970 sales

Rhythmic Opener

by levmotion

Grab eyes and ears with this refreshing opener that synchronizes a stomp audio track perfectly to the scene changes and kinetic typography. Drop in any font or media into 36 placeholders to easily and quickly create an engaging video for your audience.

$19 4.63 star rating 2529 sales

Animated Typography

by motioncan

Animated Typography features a whole grab basket of stunning templates to place your text and make it the bold feature of your video. With vivid patterns, gradients, colors and a great variety of modern design options, this pack will make your text top-notch!

$34 5 star rating 525 sales


by Nick_Chvalun

Ready for some summer vibes? With warm light leak effects and quick, smooth transitions, this template gives off the warm travel vibes along with a modern, urban appeal.

$26 5 star rating 493 sales

RTFX Generator + 510 Flash FX pack


RTFX Generator is a set of instruments for game developers and motion designers to work with FX animations. Includes 510 hand drawn and customizable FX elements of blazing fire, explosion, smoke, liquid, electricity and so much more.

$49 4.89 star rating 2003 sales

Infographic Maker

by Aquavitae

Create beautiful and simple animated infographics easily and quickly with this complete bundle of effects. Perfect for projects with data or content that needs a creative way to capture an audience’s attention.

$37 5 star rating 945 sales

Montage Library - Most Useful Effects

by nitrozme

A library of 850 effects and presets which help you professionally edit your video in a matter of minutes. All types of ready-to-use effects included: Camera Movements, Color Effects, Distortion, Light Leaks, Screen Beats, Speed Beats, Time Effects, Transitions, Color Correction, etc.

$35 4.92 star rating 972 sales


by flikmotion

BOXD is the originator of the self-resizing title. Using a lightweight system with simple text layers to create boxes around anything you type, you can quickly create bold, clean titles!

$19 4.74 star rating 2836 sales

AinTrailers | Explainer Video Toolkit with Character Animation Builder

by Ainforce

Considered to be one of the biggest character animation builders with over 5,000 components, you can create an unlimited number of unique characters with various character components and customize your explainer video to the exact design and details you’d like!

$65 5 star rating 1227 sales

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