February $15,000 Frenzy 2018
Affiliate Competition

Competitions make a comeback and this is one you don’t want to miss out on!

February is here and we are starting 2018 with a bang! 
This is your chance to kick start the year and set yourself up for an even bigger and better 2018 as an Envato affiliate partner.

As always, you must register for the competition so make sure you do that below:

Competition Format:
Once again we are splitting affiliates into leagues based on their January new deposit count with a share of $15,000 up for grabs with 2 prizes on offer per league. One prize for highest Month-over-Month growth by actual new deposits and a second prize for highest Month-over-Month growth by 10%.

How do I win a Prize?
Have either the highest MoM actual or percentage growth in your league to win a prize.

How To Win


Sign Up

You need to sign up before you can participate. The sign up process takes less than 30 seconds!


Send Traffic​

To win, you will need to utilize your affiliate traffic sources (website, blog etc) and send as much relevant traffic to Envato Market as you can.


Claim Your Prize​

At the end of the month, the affiliates in each league who have either the highest MoM actual (new deposits), or % growth (+5% to be eligible) will win.

Competition Terms

“February 2018 Affiliate Competition” Terms
We’re Envato – the promoter of this competition, and these are our promo terms – please read them!

1. Competition runs from 12:00 am AEDT on Thursday 1st February 2018 to 11:59pm AEDT on Wednesday 28th February 2018.

2. Entrants must have a valid marketplace account in good standing for payout.

3. Entrants must register to enter the competition by 11:59pm AEDT on Wednesday 28th February 2018

4. Payout will happen via your Envato Market Account unless you’re an affiliate on our Impact Radius program. In which case payment will be made to your IR account.

5. Winners will be contacted via email by 15 March 2018 and announced in the forum and other Envato owned communication channels of our choosing.

6. How the competition works
Each entrant will participate in one of four leagues, based on their new deposit counts in January 2018. The leagues include:
League 1: 2000+ new deposits in January 2018
League 2: 1000 – 1999 new deposits in January 2018
League 3: 500 – 599 new deposits in January 2018
League 4: 100 – 499 new deposits in January 2018
League 5: 20 – 99 new deposits in January 2018
New Affiliate League: never sent a new deposit to Envato before February 2018

Within each league there are 2 prizes to be won, with one prize for highest MoM actual growth and another prize for highest MoM percentage growth. For leagues 1 – 5 the affiliate must have at least a 10% MoM growth in new deposits to be eligible for either prize. An affiliate can only win one prize

League 1
1st Prize: $4,000 
2nd Prize: $3,000 

League 2
1st Prize: $2,500 
2nd Prize: $1,500 

League 3
1st Prize: $1,200 
2nd Prize: $950 

League 4
1st Prize: $500 
2nd Prize: $350 

League 5
1st Prize: $300 
2nd Prize: $200 

New Affiliate League (minimum 30 customers in Feb 2018):
1st Prize: $350
2nd Prize: $150

7. In the case of a draw, the prize for the league will be distributed evenly amongst the winners.

8. By accepting any prize money you grant us permission to mention your account and website for the purposes of managing this competition or for any promotional activity we do in relation to this competition or future competitions.

9. We’ll only use your information for the purposes of managing, administering and promoting this competition. If the law requires it, we may report any prize winners and prize details to the relevant tax authorities.

10. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information about how we deal with personal information.

11. Prize payments are subject to foreign exchange rates of the date of payment.

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